Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MAC Peacocky Mega Metal Shadow Review & Swatches

The MAC Peacocky Collection is a glorious collection of amazing and practical cosmetic candy. Besides MAC Kissable Lipcolour, the collection features the Mega Metal Shadows.  These are absolutely gorgeous and will be sure to make you fall in love.  They remind of many MAC Starflash finished eye shadow.  The Mega Metal Shadows are soft, smooth, creamy and well pigmented.

I picked out Dalliance, Prance, Noir Plum, Odalisque and Unflappable.

Dalliance is a pale gray gold.
Prance is a pale silvery pink.
Noir Plum is a deep shade of cool plum.
Odalisque is a vivid teal.
Unflappable is supposed to be frosted black with purple pearl.  I think it's more of a super dark brown with purple pearl.

My favorite of the bunch is Dalliance, it goes with pretty much any shade and makes it dazzle.  It's very versatile and could make it into daily rotation except that it is frosty.  (Not everyday is a day to wear shimmer ;)

I must say again that these are quite lovely to apply.  My swatches are done without a base, but showed and applied up extremely well.  As for actual use, I would still use these with a base since eye shadows do tend to crease for me.  I did try it out without a base, however vibrant as they showed. I still prefer the appearance and staying power when used with a base (UDPP and MAC Paint Pots are my usual favorites).  With the usual bases, I can easily wear these all day and still not have to worry about doing too much of a touch up.

I think the only downfall to the MAC Mega Metal Shadows are that they are frosty and shimmery with a good dose of brights.  Sorry girls, this collection won't be for those who want a good set of neutrals. ;)  The larger size is a bonus. I highly doubt I'll be needing a back up in storage due to the large size of these.  My only other thought to this collection is that these are mostly shades I have seen in the past.  Nothing totally new, but of course much better done than before.  The MAC Peacocky collection is definitely one to check out.  I'm still thinking of picking up a few more shades for myself ;)

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