Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello Kitty Sephora Charmmy Eyeshadow Stick Birthday Cake & Sour Apple Review & Swatches

Being a long time Hello Kitty from the age of about 5, I was excited to see the Sephora Hello Kitty cosmetic collection at my usual Sephora. The collection consists of lipgloss, eye shadow, eye shadow sticks, perfume, eye liner, nail polish and a range of cosmetic accessories and tools. 

The one item that I though would be good to try was the Charmmy Eye Shadow Stick that retail for $21 CAD each.  I picked out Birthday Cake and Sour Apple. The eye shadow sticks resembles that of many others in the market, including MAC Shadesticks and Greasepaint, as well as Gosh Cosmetics Waterproof Eye Shadow Sticks.

These are described as: "A pearlescent shadow stick that lights up eyes with long-lasting color and shine" and "This shadow stick applies color precisely with a texture that seems to melt onto your eyelids, leaving a comfortable, even film of rich color that won't smear or fade. Its texture is ultra-thin, non-oily, and applies so evenly, there is no need to blend. The retractable pen applicator makes it easy to apply, even when on-the-go."

The Charmmy Eyeshadow Sticks give an initial good first impression. I got both Birthday Cake and Sour Apple.  Birthday Cake is a medium golden champagne.Sour Apple is a golden neutral army green. Shimmery and creamy to apply, they seemed like a good option from the product line.  Unfortunately, first impressions don't always lead to good long term relationships.
It is thin, sheer, non-oily and is easy to apply with its creamy texture.  However, it doesn't apply too evenly and certainly does need some blending.  They crease easily and looses its oomph after a few hours of wear.These creased within two hours, even in the current cold weather.  I tried wearing it without eye shadow, as well as setting it with various eye shadows to no avail.  They seemed to eat the color of any eye shadow and dull it down. Yes, even my beloved MAC Starflash and MAC Pigments seemed to dull down when used over Charmmy.  They were losing their usual lovely shimmer.  

To be honest, I can't say much positive beyond being easy to apply in a stick format.  There were way too many negatives for me to warrant keeping it or even recommend trying it.  Unfortunately, I've had to return these in hopes of something else.

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