Monday, February 28, 2011

NOTD: Chanel Le Vernis 513 Black Pearl

Black pearls. Mmmm, divine! I recall my mother's choice for accessories to my burgundy ruffled prom dress was a strand of black freshwater pearls with matching earrings. Classic yet more refined, and elegant.

Chanel Le Vernis 513 Black Pearl is much like a necklace or earrings of black pearls: beautiful, refined, and elegant. For the young and trendy, Black Pearl is the hip part of the Collection des Perles de Chanel that veers into almost too classic and safe.  Black Pearl has a black base with green, silver and blue pearl with hints of purple.  It's appearance changes ever so slightly in different lighting, appearing more blue and green in more natural light, while the purple and green show up in evening light.  It's chameleon like tendencies are much like those of real pearls, varying ever so slightly and picking up colors in different light.

Chanel Le Vernis is definitely a splurge for me.  At $26 CAD, it's not something I'd be buying everyday, however its chameleon like beauty was too gorgeous for me to pass up.  I'd definitely suggest checking this out at least just to admire it for a moment. 

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That's My Name! NARS Christina Lipstick Review & Swatch

Sorry readers, this one has been sitting on the backburner for awhile.  Oops, my bad!  That aside, who wouldn't you want a lipstick with your name on it?  NARS Christina lipstick has been sitting in my stash for awhile and only gotten a little bit of love. 

It's a frosty golden raspberry shade that applies smoothly and evenly.   It has some resemblance to an old friend in my stash, MAC "O" lipstick.  To be honest, I've gone through at least two and used a good chunk out of it in a MAC lip palette.  Christina leans more pink in the raspberry spectrum, while "O" moves a little deeper and a hint to the plum side of the spectrum.  It doesn't run too cool or too warm, so I would be able to match this up with many looks.

From the handful of times I've used this, its lasted to at least 3 hours before being eaten away. 

My only complaint is that NARS lipsticks have a bit of a crayon smell after awhile.  So far, Christina hasn't turned that way, but I am concerned that it will.  My hope is that it won't because I love that I have a lipstick with my name on it :)

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Amazon Princess & Mighty Aphrodite Blush Review & Swatches

The MAC Wonder Woman Collection includes the lovely blushes in Amazon Princess and Mighty Aphrodite.  Both are split unequally so that two-thirds is the lighter shade and one-third the darker shade.  These have 12.3 grams of product and retail for $29 CAD.  I was able to get one at the MAC counter at The Bay, but had to get the other at the MAC store. 

Amazon Princess includes a medium cool pink and deep plummy blue pink with gold pearl. 

Mighty Aphrodite includes a peachy pink with gold pearl and a deeper warm peachy pink with gold pearl. 

While at first I wasn't totally impressed by these, but they've slowly grown on me.  When I first swatched them, they seemed a bit chalky.  Perhaps it was due to the well touched testers.  However, on slightly moist skin (and brand new product), they create a flush of many depths. I would suggest to go lightly with a MAC 129 brush for a barely there natural glow, or heavily for rosy cheeks.  I like how I could use one or the other, or do a blend of both. The versatility adds value and makes for one less item to haul around in the makeup bag :)

I adore the pearl finish of Mighty Aphrodite. (Must note that it has a striking resemblance to NARS Orgasm, although not as pigmented and lighter.)  Mighty Aphrodite is a bit more finely milled than Amazon Princess, making for a lovely highlight shade.  Amazon Princess is lovely as well, I anticipate using it this spring for a simple daytime look. 

Lastly, I really like the packaging on these compacts.  The gold trim along the edges when opened is a spectacular touch.  These also include a mirror to my delight.  Who wouldn't want to whip out their Wonder Woman compact to check out their lipglass? Hurry  now to your  nearest MAC counter or store.  Last time I checked, they were selling out quickly.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Pink Power Mineralized Skin Finish Review & Swatch

Of the many products I thought I absolutely had to have from the MAC Wonder Woman Collection was Pink Power Mineralized Skin Finish. It comes in an enormous compact (see third photo) without a mirror.  It has three regions of color:  a pale shimmery pinky peach, a low-level shimmer bronze and a shimmery yellow pink. Combined, you can blend it out to your liking with a bit of each to a soft shimmery pink neutral cheek.  Nothing too over the top, but soft and pretty for everyday.

My only caveat is that I wish it had a mirror.  With its huge size, a mirror could have easily be put in, much like one would see in a MAC Beauty Powder or Iridescent Powder. 

I will be happily wearing this with strong eyes and lips, perhaps a soft smokey eye with bright red Russian Red lipstick? Yes, I think that will be one of my next FOTD's coming soon :)

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Spitfire Lipstick & Emancipation Lipglass Review & Swatches

At first, I was going to pass on the MAC Wonder Woman Collection lip products. Nothing had really caught my eye in promotional photo's.  However, I did pick up a few.  Spitfire Lipstick and Emancipation Lipglass made it into my bag. 

Spitfire is a creamy magenta with a hint more purple than fuschia. In a satin finish, it applies opaquely with two swipes and little issues in bleeding.  It surprised  me that it was so lovely.  It reminded me at first of MAC Girl About Town, but that is much more fuchsia.  Spitfire has a pearly less fuchsia sister of MAC Purple Rite (limited edition) of the Style Warriors collection.  Spitfire is also pretty close to MAC Pomposity lipstick (once again limited edition), but with a bit of a fuchsia shimmer.

Emancipation is a pale light pink.  It's got pearly shimmer strung through it and doesn't lean too yellow or blue.  Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of this on its own.  While it is very pigmented, it shows off my liplines far more than I desire.  It washes me out just a bit, so I'd probably wear this with a more dramatic eye and bright cheeks for balance.  Emancipation does take well to pale and medium pink lipstick.  I tried this over Speed Dial and Victorian lipstick, both looked lovely with Emancipation over top. 

The bonus out of Emancipation is its enormous size.  While a good $6 CAD more than the regular tube of lipglass, it is over double the regular size.  I know I won't need a back up of this gloss!

Now if I were to pick out one other product, it would have been Russian Red, a beautiful shade of blue red that is simply divine.  Since I already have Russian Red, I didn't feel the urge to get it as well.  I may pick up the coordinating lipglass though, just to get the namesake of the collection to top it all of ;) 

Hope this helps ladies! 

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MAC Wonder Woman Haul

At the recent cosmetics and perfume Valentine's gift buying event a little while ago at The Bay Downtown Vancouver. It happened to coincide with the launch of MAC Wonder Woman and a statuesque/amazon like model dressed a la Wonder Woman wandering around the MAC corner.

Obviously, I had to buy with the event promotions at various counters, free chocolates, free samples and glasses of champagne. Besides that, they had $8 off your purchase, as well as other counters had gift with purchases and additional discounts.  Be sure to check The Bay for that!

My haul was  nowhere near what I thought I would end up with.  I had thought of getting an eye shadow palette, the nail polish, all the cheek products and perhaps a mascara.  Well that went out the window when I saw that a vast majority of the line was sold out. 

Thankfully, I was able to get my hands on a few products.  I got Pink Power Mineralized Skinfinish, Might Aphrodite Blush, Amazon Princess Blush, Emancipation Lipglass and Spitefire Lipstick.  Full reviews of all will be to come, as well as a few other reviews on other bits and bobs I got that night as well. 
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Monday, February 21, 2011

MAC Peacocky add-ons: Peek-At-You & Centre Stage Mega Metal Eye Shadow

MAC Peacocky Mega Metal Eye Shadows were too good to pass up on a few add-ons to my original haul.  Peek-At You and Centre Stage made it on to my vanity.  While they are colors that are nothing new, the formula is truly lovely and easy to use.  They last all day without much fuss or muss.

Peek-At-You is a shimmery pale creamy beige that's great for a highlighter or in the inner corner of the ey.

Centre Stage is a shimmery dark cocoa brown that's great for the crease or above the crease.

As before, I love these and am still quite tempted to get a few more.  :)
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Hello Kitty Sephora Charmmy Eyeshadow Stick Birthday Cake & Sour Apple Review & Swatches

Being a long time Hello Kitty from the age of about 5, I was excited to see the Sephora Hello Kitty cosmetic collection at my usual Sephora. The collection consists of lipgloss, eye shadow, eye shadow sticks, perfume, eye liner, nail polish and a range of cosmetic accessories and tools. 

The one item that I though would be good to try was the Charmmy Eye Shadow Stick that retail for $21 CAD each.  I picked out Birthday Cake and Sour Apple. The eye shadow sticks resembles that of many others in the market, including MAC Shadesticks and Greasepaint, as well as Gosh Cosmetics Waterproof Eye Shadow Sticks.

These are described as: "A pearlescent shadow stick that lights up eyes with long-lasting color and shine" and "This shadow stick applies color precisely with a texture that seems to melt onto your eyelids, leaving a comfortable, even film of rich color that won't smear or fade. Its texture is ultra-thin, non-oily, and applies so evenly, there is no need to blend. The retractable pen applicator makes it easy to apply, even when on-the-go."

The Charmmy Eyeshadow Sticks give an initial good first impression. I got both Birthday Cake and Sour Apple.  Birthday Cake is a medium golden champagne.Sour Apple is a golden neutral army green. Shimmery and creamy to apply, they seemed like a good option from the product line.  Unfortunately, first impressions don't always lead to good long term relationships.
It is thin, sheer, non-oily and is easy to apply with its creamy texture.  However, it doesn't apply too evenly and certainly does need some blending.  They crease easily and looses its oomph after a few hours of wear.These creased within two hours, even in the current cold weather.  I tried wearing it without eye shadow, as well as setting it with various eye shadows to no avail.  They seemed to eat the color of any eye shadow and dull it down. Yes, even my beloved MAC Starflash and MAC Pigments seemed to dull down when used over Charmmy.  They were losing their usual lovely shimmer.  

To be honest, I can't say much positive beyond being easy to apply in a stick format.  There were way too many negatives for me to warrant keeping it or even recommend trying it.  Unfortunately, I've had to return these in hopes of something else.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sparkling Pink Champagne: MAC Cham-Pale Let Me Pop Paint Pot Review, Swatches & Comparison

This is a wee bit late, but better late than never counts. :)  I caved and bought one of the MAC Cham-Pale Collection Paint Pots in Let Me Pop.

Let Me Pop is the shade of one of  my favorite drinks, sparkling pink champagne. It is lightweight and hence applies on the sheer side compared to most other MAC Paint Pots. However, it does stay true to color through the day, even without a powder eye shadow to set it. 

Compared to other MAC Paint Pots, it bears some resemblance to Rubenesque, a golden peach with gold pearl.  Swatched side by side, Rubenesque is noticeably lighter and less pink than Let Me Pop. 

What eye shadows will work with it?  MAC Melon Pigment comes to mind, as well as MAC Paradisco Eye Shadow.  Both will pull more pink than if over Rubenesque and will be more vibrant than over Bare Study. 

Now is it worth it?  It's great if you like your pink champagne's and desire pinker eye shadows.  Or if you're a Paint Pot lover like myself. ;) 

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rain Boots to Match MAC Very Important Platinum Nail Lacquer

There are times to match shoes to your bag or eye shadow dress. How about rain boots to nail lacquer? ;)

Well I happened to stumble on a pair of crocodile embossed Jimmy Choo & Hunter collaboration rain boots on sale at I picked up Anthracite, a metallic grey. I happen to be wearing MAC Very Important Platinum Nail Lacquer when I opened my parcel. To my chagrin, they are nearly a too good to be true match. The embossing and the non-glossy finish of the boots make them different enough for others not too overly notice.

 So yes, while not on purpose, I did get rain boots to match my nail lacquer. Lol, I can stylishly walk through the rain with these beauties. :)

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

MAC Mickey Contractor Siahi & Ivy Fluidlines Review & Swatches

Unfortunately the MAC Mickey Contractor Collection has seemed to have gone quietly under the radar for many a MAC Addict. (Yes, myself included.  To be honest, I got it at the MAC store and left my haul in its bag until about a week later.)  My little haul includes Siahi and Ivy Fluidlines.

Siahi is a bright marine blue with a hint of silver shimmer.  When used ever so lightly on the lower lashline is quite lovely.  Between the two, I like this one more.

Ivy is a vivid emerald green with a hint of golden shimmer. I find this one applied unevenly and took a few extra swipes to get a solid line.  While I don't love it, I think this will work well as an eyeshadow base.

Fluidlines are smooth and silky gel based liners.  While they do require a brush to apply, the results can be a full days worth of wear without worrying much about it smudging or moving about.  Siahi and Ivy hold up to long wear, as well as smooth application.  I've worn both and have loved their performance.  Ivy just had a bit of an application issue where it runs a tad sheer and needs a few layers for a solid line.

Now if a gel liner is not your cup of tea, (or don't care to bring a brush while on vacation ;) there are certainly pencils in similar shades.  Siahi's closest counterpart in my stash is Gosh Cosmetics Let's Twist Waterproof Eye Liner in Blue Grass.  They are pretty darn close, but Blue Grass has a tad more green.  On a similar vein  of blue but varying enough in darkness and shimmer are MAC Kohl Power Eyeliner in Mystery (runs a bit more teal and is significantly darker), MAC Pearlglide Eyeliner in Undercurrent (golden shimmer and runs more green), and MAC Glitter Eyeliner in Peacocky (loads of silver glitter in this and much lighter).  Unfortunately, all are limited edition.  Both are fairly readily available through a number of online retailers. 

As for Ivy, my closest competitor was Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liner in Graffiti.  Graffiti is not limited edition, however has quite a bit more of a golden sheen and gold glitter sprinkled in it.  I know, not every occasion is a time for glitter, but those times when one can wear green....why  not?  ;)

While the Fluidlines were my picks, I comfortably skipped out on the rest.  The remainder of the colour collection was beautiful and I truly resisted the lovely Marvel eye shadow.  Perhaps on my next trip out to the MAC store :)

The concealers weren't really meant for me.  I am an NC gal, but I don't get past an NC 42 in summer.   Truly, I don't purposely tan, so my skintone just never gets all that dark.  I guess if I were more concerned over blemishes I'd be a little more excited for the concealers. At the moment, I've been pretty happy with my samples of Prolongwear Concealer (& will be picking up a full size tube once I run out :) for my undereye darkness.  Until the next collection or some FOTD's, enjoy the pictures.  Will try to do some full on FOTD soon.  I know it's been awhile! :)

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MAC Peacocky Mega Metal Shadow Review & Swatches

The MAC Peacocky Collection is a glorious collection of amazing and practical cosmetic candy. Besides MAC Kissable Lipcolour, the collection features the Mega Metal Shadows.  These are absolutely gorgeous and will be sure to make you fall in love.  They remind of many MAC Starflash finished eye shadow.  The Mega Metal Shadows are soft, smooth, creamy and well pigmented.

I picked out Dalliance, Prance, Noir Plum, Odalisque and Unflappable.

Dalliance is a pale gray gold.
Prance is a pale silvery pink.
Noir Plum is a deep shade of cool plum.
Odalisque is a vivid teal.
Unflappable is supposed to be frosted black with purple pearl.  I think it's more of a super dark brown with purple pearl.

My favorite of the bunch is Dalliance, it goes with pretty much any shade and makes it dazzle.  It's very versatile and could make it into daily rotation except that it is frosty.  (Not everyday is a day to wear shimmer ;)

I must say again that these are quite lovely to apply.  My swatches are done without a base, but showed and applied up extremely well.  As for actual use, I would still use these with a base since eye shadows do tend to crease for me.  I did try it out without a base, however vibrant as they showed. I still prefer the appearance and staying power when used with a base (UDPP and MAC Paint Pots are my usual favorites).  With the usual bases, I can easily wear these all day and still not have to worry about doing too much of a touch up.

I think the only downfall to the MAC Mega Metal Shadows are that they are frosty and shimmery with a good dose of brights.  Sorry girls, this collection won't be for those who want a good set of neutrals. ;)  The larger size is a bonus. I highly doubt I'll be needing a back up in storage due to the large size of these.  My only other thought to this collection is that these are mostly shades I have seen in the past.  Nothing totally new, but of course much better done than before.  The MAC Peacocky collection is definitely one to check out.  I'm still thinking of picking up a few more shades for myself ;)

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