Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Nails: Sparkling MAC Cham Pale Soiree Nail Lacquer

Happy New Year!  The MAC Cham Pale Collection is a dazzling collection of sparkly confections, including two limited edition shades of nail lacquer.  My favorite of the two is Soiree, described as sparkly light bronze gold in a frost finish.  It reminds me of sparkling pale pink champagne :)  Subtle in color, dazzling in finish, fabulous for any soiree. ;)

I used 3 coats for complete coverage (2 thin and 1 medium), although 2 medium coats would be sufficient.   My only complaint on this shade is that it doesn't tend to hold up well to wear. Any work beyond typing leads to some nail lacquer rubbing off on paper or boxes.  A top coat is definitely required!  Be sure to check it out  :)
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