Sunday, January 23, 2011

MAC Cham-Pale Rose-Ole Special Reserve Highlight Powder & I Get No Kick Eye Kohl Review & Swatches

The MAC Cham-Pale Collection is a subdued set of frosty and shimmery delights.  Besides Soiree and Very Important Platinum, I also bought Rose-Ole Special Reserve Highlight Powder and I Get No Kick Eye Kohl.

Rose-Ole Special Reserve Highlight Powder is a shimmery pale golden pink champagne.  I like using this one for a very subtle amount of shimmer to highlight or shimmery neutral cheeks.  For some perspective on shimmer, it is far lower than your typical MAC Mineralized Skin Finish or Mineralized Blush.  It is nowhere near as chunky or glittery as some, it's definitely one to check out.  In a way it reminds me of a MAC Beauty Powder (not the Beauty Powder Blushes) of late, that have been fairly sheer.  I don't find this to have a lot of pigment, so don't expect the shade on the pan to appear on your cheeks. 

I Get No Kick Eye Kohl is a pale shimmery champagne.  It has a touch of pink to it so that it is not too white.  It is not glittery the way many Urban Decay 24/7 Liners can be.  I have used this along the lower waterline or just along the inner corner of my waterline.  This doesn't tend to hold up too well for all day wear, more so for 3-6 hours depending on what you are doing. I hope to grab another one of these, one for at-home and another to carry with me for touch-ups.  It's not a shade you see all too often.  The closest product I have to this is Sephora Flashy Liner in Flashy Pink 09.  Flashy Pink is considerably pinker but will do if you aren't able to get a hold of I Get No Kick.  I would suggest just a tad of a white gold frosty eye shadow over top of it, and you'll get a close dupe.

As for the remainder of the collection, I skipped out on the eye shadow quad since two shades were permanent and Et tu Bouquet was a repromote.  I had considered the Paint Pots, but I couldn't really justify getting them when they looked so similar to each other and Bare Study Paint Pot.  As well, mine being only half full in over a year of use, it would be unlikely for me to really need to use them.  The lipgelee's looked fabulous, and I may go back to get one or two of those, but only time will tell :)

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  1. I love Rose ole, you did the right choice in buying this!! MY NEW FAVOURITE!!!! HEHEHEHE

  2. Hi Kirsty,
    Rose ole has such a pretty softness to it, not over the top shimmery :)

  3. i echo your sentiments! love rose ole!