Monday, July 26, 2010

LOTD: MAC Wham Dazzle Lipstick + MAC Amorous Dazzleglass Creme

Sheer and glossy dark plum lips are a gorgeous way to vamp up a look without going for too dramatic of a lip look. MAC Wham Dazzle Lipstick and MAC Amorous Dazzleglass Creme create this glossy shimmery and just a bit sheer lip. Pair it with lightly lined eyes, lots of mascara and rose cheeks with a hint of shimmer for an easy everyday look.
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

MAC Digi-Pops Dazzleglass & Dazzle Lipstick Lip Swatches

As promised, here are my lip swatches for the rest of my haul for MAC Digi-Pops Lip Server Collection. For lip swatches of MAC Glaringly Hip and Sweet Bits Dazzle Lipstick, please look here. Otherwise, here are lip swatches MAC Dazzleglass in Fabulous Fun, Hi-Falutin', Utterly Posh and Spanking Rich. I also have lip swatches of MAC Dazzle Lipstick in Wham, Snazzy and Infused With Glam. Loads of lip combo's are coming up in the next little while. ;)

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LOTD: MAC Jazzed Lipstick & MAC Utterly Posh Dazzleglass

My first Lip of The Day ;) I am going to try doing this everyday, but it really depends on my time and how many lip combos I can come up with. ;)
With the MAC Digi-Pops Collection Lip Server and MAC In The Groove Collection coming out with such beautiful summer lip products, I had to mix and match. Here today is Jazzed Lipstick with Utterly Posh Dazzleglass. Utterly Posh Dazzleglass layered over top of Jazzed is like the shade of delicious passion fruit sorbet with a hint of glitter. Utterly Posh Dazzleglass is one of my favorites, I actually have 2 back up tubes in my stash just in case. I use it with a lot of peach, apricot, coral and orange lip products, or simply on its own. It's definitely one to try out! As a base, I used Jazzed Cremesheen, a creamy apricot pink. Cremesheen lipsticks have a tendency to look creamy with a bit of gloss. Dollop a bit of Dazzleglass, they become creamy wonders with a bit of shimmer. Bonus is that it will help even out lipstick that may settle into lip lines.
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Friday, July 23, 2010

FOTD: More Summer Greens MAC Infused With Glam and Surprise Me Lipstick

I admit, I wasn't being overly adventurous with this look since I just did a green look. However, when things work, it works! ;) Anyone remember MAC Surprise Me lipstick from Holiday 2009? Well, its gotten revisted here with a good helping of Infused With Glam Dazzle Lipstick. ;) Enjoy!

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Paint Pot, Bare Study
MAC Eye Shadow, Chamomile
MAC Eye Shadow, Dreammaker
MAC Eye Shadow, Rated R
MAC Eye Shadow, Lucky Green
MAC Eye Shadow, Night Maneuvers
MAC Fluidline, Blacktrack
MAC Studio Fix Mascara, Black Fix

MAC Blush, Hipness

MAC Dazzle Lipstick, Infused with Glam
MAC Lipstick, Surprise Me
MAC Lip Pencil, Mouth Off

Apply UDPP to lids. Apply Bare Study to lids with a MAC 242 brush. Apply Chamomile to brow bone with a MAC 239 brush. Apply Dreammaker to inner third of lid with a MAC 239 brush. Apply Rated R to middle third of lid with a MAC 239 brush. Apply Lucky Green to outer third of lid with a MAC 239 brush. Blend Lucky Green up and above crease with a MAC 217 brush. Define crease with Night Maneuvers and MAC 222 brush. Line lower lashline with MAC 219 brush and Lucky Green. Line lids with Blacktrack. Curl and apply mascara. Apply Hipness to cheeks with a MAC 129 brush. Line lips with Mouth Off. Apply Surprise Me to lips. Dab lightly Infused With Glam.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

FOTD: Summer Greens, MAC Glaringly Hip Dazzle Lipstick and Utterly Posh Dazzleglass

Greens, greens and more greens. I've been lots of them lately, so I figured to include a load of them in this look. Most of which are from previous collections, however I am using Lucky Green from the MAC Digi-Pops Collection. Of course I had to do a Digi-Pops Collection lip look. Glaringly Hip Dazzle Lipstick and Utterly Posh Dazzleglass made it into this look.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Paint Pot, Bare Study
MAC Eye Shadow, Chamomile
MAC Eye Shadow, Off The Page
MAC Eye Shadow, Lucky Green
MAC Eye Shadow, One-Off
Ardene Eye Shadow, Vert-A-Go
MAC Fluidline, Blacktrack

MAC Blush, Hipness
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, Comfort

MAC Dazzle Lipstick, Glaringly Hip
MAC Dazzleglass, Utterly Posh

Apply UDPP to lids allow to set. Apply Bare Study to lids with MAC 242 brush. Apply Chamomile to inner third of lid and brow bone with MAC 239 brush. Apply Off the Page to middle third of lid with MAC 239 brush. Apply Lucky Green to outer third of lid with MAC 239 brush. Apply Vert-A-Go to crease with a MAC 222 brush. Define crease with MAC 219 brush and One Off. Blend and apply Lucky Green above crease with a MAC 217 brush. Line lids with Blacktrack. Line lower lashline with MAC 219 brush and One Off. Curl lashes and apply mascara. Apply Hipness to apples of cheeks with a MAC 129 brush. Apply Comfort to tip of nose, cheekbones and any other desired area to highlight. Apply Glaringly Hip and top with Utterly Posh.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MAC Infused With Glam, Wham & Snazzy Dazzle Lipstick Review & Swatches

The MAC Digi-Pops Collection Lip Server includes the highly anticipated Dazzle Lipstick. My first look at Dazzle Lipstick can be found here where I reviewed Glaringly Hip and Sweet Bits. While these were of the paler variety, I opted to go for some darker lovelies once launched at The Bay. I picked up Infused With Glam, Wham and Snazzy Dazzle Lipstick.

 Infused With Glam is dark copper with orange and gold glitter.  If you are into MAC CB96 Lipstick or Utterly Posh Dazzleglass, this would be definitely one to look at. 

Wham is darkened burgundy with red, pink and gold glitter.  I adore this shade, much like I do MAC O lipstick. 

Snazzy is deep plum with dark purple and pink glitter.  If you liked Hipster lipstick, you'll love layering Snazzy over it and perhaps some Spanking Rich Dazzleglass.

Each one has similar pigmentation to a MAC Lustre or Glaze formula lipstick. Personally, I don't mind this since my natural lip color tends to show through. I know others really like loads of pigmentation, but sometimes certain looks will call for a less pigmented lip look. 

Unfortunately, the new Dazzle lipstick formula does tend to move around a little once you have enough lipstick coverage (just two passes for me).  The glossy yet slightly gritty texture also allows the glitter to migrate a bit more compared to the sticky Dazzleglass or Superglass.  As for wear time, these didn't last through eating, just a bit of drinking would go just fine with these.  I think this is pretty similar to what I get with a Lustre or Glaze formula as well. 

Now, it's not all bad with these!  I do love that these have a significant amount of glitter and shimmer. They kind of go beyond Dazzleglass without the glossiness and sticky texture.  Sometimes a glittery yet not too glossy lip look is desired, kind of like a matte nail polish.  The range of shades in the new Dazzle Lipstick formula is sure to entice many to try these out.  Layer them with your current shades, or even just a little in the center of the bottom lip to highlight.  While I haven't gotten a chance to take lip swatches, I will be sure to post those shortly.  Enjoy these pictures for now :)

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

MAC Digi-Pops Dazzleglass Hi-Falutin, Utterly Posh, Spanking Rich & Fabulous Fun Review & Swatches

Once again, I am blogging from my iPhone so please accept my apologies on the layout until i get to my laptop tonight :)

The MAC Digi-Pops Collection includes a delicious selection of Dazzleglass that is sure to make its way into every Dazzleglass collectors stash. (why of course I am one of those ;) I picked up Hi-Falutin', Spanking Rich, and Fabulous Fun. I also have Utterly Posh from last years MAC Double Dazzle Collection that is being repromoted as part of the Digi-Pops Collection.

Hi-Falutin' Dazzleglass is a creamy medium pinky peach with gold pearl. It is very similar to a MAC Monogram Lipglass that I can't quite remember the name of! I will update with a name though ;) Edit: I checked my stash and it is Identity. It's also pretty darn close to Soft Dazzle Dazzleglass Creme.

Fabulous Fun is pinky purple with pink and purple pearl. It is very similar to MAC Funtabulous Dazzleglass.

Spanking Rich is magenta with pink pearl. Goes with Girl About Town ;)

Utterly Posh is orange with orange and pink pearl. It goes beautifully with Glaringly Hip Dazzle Lipstick or even Costa Chic Lipstick.

The Digi-Pop Collectionof Dazzleglass is much like previous editions and the permanent formula. Slightly sticky, sheer and lovely layered. Now I adore Dazzleglass, however I always get annoyed at how fast I finish these up and how sheer they can be. I am a layering lip product girl, so the sheerness issue doesn't bother me enough to not get these. As I've noted above, a few of these are similar to previous released Dazzleglass, so there may be an appropriate replacement here.

Enjoy the pictures for now. I will be doing lip swatches over the weekend and post them in a separate post. Have a lovely day :)

FOTD: MAC Hang-Loose Mineralize Blush & Alice + Olivia Pigments

This look was a lot of fun. I love the new MAC pigment in Later from the MAC Alice + Olivia Collection. It does require a sticky base and a wet brush to really show off ;). It goes well in the smoky purple look I've done here complimented by a pale lightly shimmery cool pink cheek with MAC Hang-Loose Mineralize Blush. Keeping it cool I used MAC Sweet Bits Dazzle Lipstick with MAC Fabulous Fun Dazzleglass. Not too light & not too dark ;)

P.S. I am blogging on my iPhone, so spacing and photo placement are going to be a bit wonky until I get home to my regular computer.

MAC Hang-Loose Mineralize Blush

MAC Paint Pot, Bare Study
MAC Pigment, Later.
MAC Pigment, If It Sparkles...
MAC Pigment, Circa Plum
Rimmel Eye Kohl, Black
MAC Studio Fix Lash Mascara, Black

MAC Dazzle Lipstck, Sweet Bits
MAC Dazzleglass, Fabulous Fun

Apply Bare Study all over lid with a MAC 217 brush. Apply If It Sparkles to brow bone and inner third of lid with MAC 239 brush. Apply Circa Plum to middle third of lid with MAC 239 brush. Apply Later to outer third and crease with wet MAC 239 brush. Blend up Later to above crease with a MAC 217 or 224 brush. Apply liner and mascara. Apply Hang Loose to cheeks with a MAC 129 brush. Apply Sweet Bits to lips and top with Fabulous Fun.
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Stila Smokey Eye The Talking Palette Review & Swatches

The Stila Smokey Eye The Talking Eye Shadow Palette in Original is a quad that includes a great combination of basic colors. The eye look seemed easy enough to do and my past experience with Stila had been fairly good. This palette includes a pale champagne beige, silvery taupey gray, matte dark brown and a matte black, with each labeled for its particular use. The 4 shades are typical in what most people would use for a smokey eye look. This Stila palette is part of their 'talking' series where the palette talks you through how to do the look featured on the cover of the it.

The 'base color' is a pale champagne beige feels akin to a MAC Lustre eye shadow. It is bit glittery and frosty. It is close to Stila Kitten Eye Shadow, however isn't as good of a texture as Kitten. The base color is very pretty in the pan, but applies fairly dry and almost chalky. It is much unlike Kitten which is frostier and slightly creamier in texture.

The silvery taupey gray is the 'lid color'. It is similar to Stila Diamond Lil Eye Shadow. While it is lovely in the pan, it has similar issues as the base color does. Once again, it is fairly dry and almost chalky.

The 'crease color' is a matte dark brown. It is pretty close in depth to MAC Signed, Sealed Eye Shadow and MAC Embark Eye Shadow. This one is fairly dry in texture.

The 'liner color' is a matte black. It's pretty close to MAC Carbon Eye Shadow. Once again, dry in texture.

Texture of all four shadows was dry and a bit chalky for some. Lasting power was okay. I used them with various bases over a few days with them lasting through 10 hours. The colors were fairly true to what they were at the start of the day. Thankfully, pigmentation was not an issue. Once I got the palette on some MAC Paint, the shadows performed okay. Surprisingly, it didn't work all too well with Stila Smudge Pot in Kitten or MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study. The best base I tried these on was MAC Paint in Bare Study. I also had an issue with fall out from all four shadows. Loads of frost and dark shadows everywhere!

I think this palette is a bit disappointing though, considering the quality I'm used to from Stila. (I know, I haven't reviewed or posted looks relating to them but I really like Stila Kitten and Diamond Lil Eye Shadow, along with the Stila Barbie Palette!) I am thankful I got this palette through All Cosmetics Wholesale for $16.99 USD rather than $40.00 USD at the regular price. The dry texture, muted colors, and fall out issues just don't make me want to use this palette much. For what it is, I could probably pick up similar shades that perform better for close to the regular price of this palette. For a lot less, there's always NYX Champagne & Caviar Palette or the NYX Smokey Eyes Palette. Sorry ladies, I'm not loving this palette :(

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

MAC In The Groove Togetherness, Love to Love & In The Groove Mineralize Eye Shadow Review & Swatches

As part of my MAC In The Groove haul at the MAC Pro Store, I picked up Mineralized Eye Shadows in Togetherness, Love to Love and In The Groove. While I wanted a balance of wearable color, I still wanted a few neutrals I could use at any time. Mineralize Eye Shadow Trio's are also great for travel. Nicely compact and versatile to be used either wet or dry.

Love to Love is composed of a pinky beige, shimmery amber copper and medium warm brown. With the exception of the copper shade, the rest of the trio has satin like finishes with only a hint of shimmer. This trio applies smoothly and have little to no fall out. It reminds me of last years MAC Color Craft Collection Eye Shadow Natural Flare, but with out all of the frostiness and glitter. It is also pretty close to the Spring Colour Forecast Colour 4 Quad. (Yea, I have a serious addition to neutrals ;)

In The Groove, the namesake of the collection is an easy combination of coral, shimmery dark burgundy and beige with a hint of gray. The last shade is apparently satin green, but I can't quite see any green in it myself. The burgundy is not overly unique, I am sure you are bound to count at least two MAC eye shadows that are similar. Specifically in my own collection, it looks like MAC Starflash Eye Shadow Glamour Check and The coral from this trio pairs beautifully with MAC Paint Pot Coral Crepe. I was able to find a Coral Crepe Paint Pot last week. I thought they were sold out, but it must've been meant to be since it was the last one they had. The burgundy from

Togetherness is composed of a lavender, shimmery purple and a purpley-grey. I have yet to use this in a look at this point, but from swatching I certainly say this one feels much the same as Love to Love and In The Groove. Little fall out and smooth to apply :) I'm thinking that this would be good for date nite, paired up with a pinky nude lip (perhaps Viva Glam Gaga with a lipglass to pair it down), Hang Loose Mineralize Blush and some 48 lashes? Yea, I think that will work ;)

Besides coming up with looks with the MA's, I was able to Back to MAC for these. So if you have enough containers and a MAC Store available, grab these if you can. It's such a great deal! Most of the MA's were pretty surprised that it was possible.

Overall, these mineralize eye shadows are keepers. I know I am going to use these quite readily and not worry too much about fall out as previous launches. I am pretty good about handling fall out by applying mineralize eye shadows wet and applying foundation and concealer afterwards. However, as much I like frost and glitter this decreases wear-ability. These MAC Mineralize Eye Shadows are certainly more wearable in shimmer and shine aspect. The color range is limited, however there are still a multitude of combination's possible!

In the meantime, happy swatching and hauling today :)

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FOTD: MAC Love to Love Eye Shadow, Comfort Mineralize Skinfinish and Glaringly Hip Lipstick

I rarely go bronzed or tan by going to a tanning salon or outdoors. I'm one of those girls that avoids the sun and wears loads of sunscreen. :-$ When I do go for a bronzed look, its usually faked. MAC Comfort Mineralize Skinfinish certainly does the trick. I am quite happy that isn't too orange or too warm for me. It also is far less frosty and shimmery than some other MSF's I have in a similar shade. Speaking of old friends, I used MAC Costa Chic Lipstick here instead of Jazzed. While it is available online, I haven't seen it at the store or counter lately. It's such a fun shade that brightens up this look and prevents this look from going to brown. Over Costa Chic, I tried once more with MAC Dazzle Lipstick in Glaringly Hip. Unfortunately, it still looks not too smooth although it applies smoothly. I am going to have to try Dazzle Lipstick with some lipglass. Let's hope it looks better. :)

MAC Studio Fix Powder, NC40
MAC Select Concealer, NW35
MAC Mineralilze Skinfinish, Comfort

MAC Paint Pot, Bare Study
MAC Studio Fix Lash, Black Fix
MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil, Feline
MAC Mineralized Eye Shadow Trio, Love to Love

MAC Lip Pencil, Mouth Off
MAC Lipstick, Costa Chic
MAC Dazzle Lipstick Glaringly Hip

Apply Bare Study to lids with MAC 242 brush. Apply pale beige to brow bone and inner third of lid with a MAC 239 brush. Apply copper to middle and outer third of lid with a MAC 239 brush. Apply medium brown to crease and above crease with a MAC 266 brush. Define crease with a MAC 219 brush and the medium brown shade. Line eyes with Feline. Apply Comfort to cheeks and other places that tend to tan with a MAC 131 or 187 brush. Line lips with Mouth Off. Apply Costa Chic and dab sparingly Glaringly Hip.