Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fun Stuff: Twist n Roll Tweezer

So I was walking through London Drugs picking up some nail polish remover and cough & cold syrup when this odd little tool caught my eye.  The Twist n Roll Tweezer looks like a huge cotton swab made with a slinky and plastic ends. It claims to be a hair threader that, "gently removes hair at the root," "will not cause breakouts or redness," "will not cause stubble or thicker hair grow out," and, "can be used over makeup without a mirror."

I am a sufferer of the nasty upper lip hair.  I am not a fan of facial hair, it's annoying and can be difficult to remove.  I don't like using wax strips as getting the angle just right is hard and I always feel bad about throwing away the strips on barely used strips.  Tweezing takes forever and painful.  With that in mind, I thought I might as well give it a try.  At the very least, I would've wasted  $9.99 CAD (or a couple of coffee's).

My first trial was fairly unsuccessful.  I was a bit confused with which was to roll the plastic ends and couldn't quite get it to pull any hairs.  This may have been in part due to the moisture left on my hairs, or my cluelessness of how to use it. 

The second time around with some playing, I had great success within a few twists.  Within 10 minutes, I removed all of my upper lip hair.  To my joy, I was able to remove pretty much everything but a few close to my lips.  However, the pain levels were huge, but no where near as much as waxing. 

Overtime, I do find it does get easier to manage the pain.  I guess I've become more accustomed to it. The hairs that grow in don't appear to be darker or thicker.  Am also glad that I don't have the redness that comes after waxing or buffing.  I'd often have to plan waxing on days that I wasn't planning on going out or doing it late in the evening.  As well, has anyone seen those mitts with super fine sand paper that buffs your hair away? I tried those once upon a time and was ravaged with teen tiny ingrown hairs that turned into pimples.  I was not pleased.  Am glad that the Twist n Roll Tweezer does not cause that :)

At the end of the day, I like the Twist n Roll Tweezer.  It has great results, is far easier than regular tweezing and waxing.  It doesn't cause ingrown hairs.  Unfortunately, it can be painful, but it does get easier over time.  For $9.99 CAD each at London Drugs, it beats the price of buying two packs of your average disposable facial wax strips. 

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