Thursday, September 30, 2010

MAC Naked Dark Pigment Review & Swatches

I usually don't stop to look at the Pro section of the MAC Store with it's amazing airbrush machine, wild and colors and potentially too much temptation for a MAC addict like me. But who doesn't like a good neutral?

MAC Naked Dark is a darker version of MAC Naked available at MAC counters and stores. Naked Dark has a wee bit of shimmer and runs more like a NC/NW 42/43 foundation or face powder.

For myself, I would prefer to use this for as a crease or all over lid color.  I wouldn't use this as a highlighter, I think it's a bit too dark for that.  I'd much prefer Naked for my brow bone.

Other comparable pigments?  From my stash, I picked out NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Nude Pearl.  It's really much closer to MAC Naked Pigment than it is to MAC Naked Dark.  Second closest is NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Mink, but it is much more frosty than Naked Dark. 

MAC Naked Dark Pigment is definitely not an amazing bright shade with nuances of anything.  It's simple and elegant.  Use it anytime for something simple and let your cheeks, lashes or lips make a statement. 

MAC Naked Dark Pigment and Naked Pigment retail for $23.50 CAD at MAC Pro Stores.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

FOTD: MAC Venomous Villains Maleficent Revenge Is Sweet with My Dark Magic & Oh So Fair

My oh my how I am loving MAC My Dark Magic Eye Shadow! Can it be worn without looking too diva/dramatic? For sure! I think this look proves that. The key is to match it up with lighter or subdued eye shadows of the same shade. My choices were from MAC Love That Look and Starflash. (Time to revive those beauties ;) Grand Entrance, Ego, and Sunset B. work to play up My Dark Magic for a more daytime appropriate look. To keep things light yet playful, Laugh-a-Lot Lipstick and Revenge Is Sweet Lipglass top it all off. Want to go dramatic? Try MAC Night Violet Mattene Lipstick with Wrong Spell or MAC Violetta Lipstick with Revenge is Sweet.

What I Used:

Eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Paint Pot, Bare Study
MAC Eye Shadow, Grand Entrance
MAC Eye Shadow, Ego
MAC Eye Shadow, Sunset B.
MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow, My Dark Magic
MAC Fluidline, Blacktrack
MAC Opulash Mascara, Bad Bad Black
Sephora Flashy Liner, 09 Flashy Pink

MAC Beauty Powder, Oh So Fair

MAC Lipstick, Laugh-a-Lot
MAC Lipglass, Revenge Is Sweet

Apply UDPP from base of lashes to brow bone. Apply Bare Study to lids from base of lashes to brow bone with a MAC 242 or 249 brush. Apply Grand Entrance sparingly to brow bone with a MAC 222 brush. Apply Ego to inner third of eyelid with a MAC 239 brush. Apply Sunset B. to middle third of eyelid. Apply pink side of My Dark Magic to outer third of eyelid with a MAC 228 brush. Apply pink side of My Dark Magic to crease and above crease with a MAC 217 brush. Blend between brow bone and above crease with MAC 222 brush and Grand Entrance. Apply Blacktrack to tightline upper lashline with a MAC 212 brush. Apply Blacktrack to upper lashline (this time above the lashes) and lower lashline with a MAC 209 or 210 brush. Apply pink side of My Dark Magic along both upper and lower lashline with a MAC 219 brush. Further define crease with pink side of My Dark Magic with a MAC 219 brush. Curl lashes, apply mascara. Line inner third of lower lashline with Flashy Pink. Apply Oh So Fair to cheeks with a MAC 129 brush. Apply Laugh-a-Lot Lipstick and top with Revenge is Sweet.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MAC Disney Venomous Villains Maleficent She Who Dares & My Dark Magic Mineralized Eye Shadow Review & Swatches

My absolute favorite products of the entire Venomous Villains Collection is the mineralized eye shadows. She Who Dares and My Dark Magic made it into my haul. They definitely don't let mineralized eye shadow fans down.

She Who Dares and My Dark Magic were ones I was definitely not skipping out on in Venomous Villains. They share similarities to MAC's Fall/Winter 2009 Style Black Collection with the black base. These are lovelier with two shadows on one, much like the MAC Magic Mirth and Mischeif! Collection from Holiday 2009.
She Who Dares includes a dark navy blue with pearl in a black base and a dark green with lime pearl in a black base. The dark blue side is very similar to MAC Blue Flame from last years MAC Style Black.

My Dark Magic includes a dark fuchsia with pink pearl in a black base and a dark pinky purple with purple pearl in a black base. The fuchsia side is quite similar to MAC Young Punk from Last years MAC Style Black.
These shadows are beautiful dry and amazing wet. However, I would suggest using them wet more so because this will tend to reduce the fallout on mineralized eye shadows.

Match-ups and looks? I just looked at some of the MAC Looks for this collection and must say that for Maleficent, they've managed to work a lot of permanent shadows in lighter shades with both She Who Dares and My Dark Magic. As well, keeping cheeks soft and near bare, lips dark and bold, yet this allows for a focus on the eyes. I will probably stick to a matte or very low level shimmer cheek. For dark and bold lips, I think I'll revive MAC Media Lipstick, MAC Deep Love Lipstick or even MAC Night Violet.

Dramatic yes, definitely not for the faint of heart ;) Enjoy the swatches! Complete face looks to come :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

MAC Disney Venomous Villains Maleficent Nail Lacquer Product Pictures

Oops, my bad. I forgot to post product close ups of Formidable Nail Lacquer of MAC Venomous Villains. I had the pictures ready to go, but I guess I just got too excited with Formidable. Here ya go, Formidable, Bad Fairy and Mean & Green. Nail of the days for both Bad Fairy and Mean & Green coming soon :)

NOTD: MAC Disney Venomous Villains Formidable Nail Lacquer

MAC Formidable Nail Lacquer is part of the Maleficent Collection of MAC Venomous Villains. At first glance, Formidable reminds me of MAC Blue Brown pigment. (One of my first MAC pigments actually ;). Formidable has a plummy brown base with blue, purple, green and red shimmers, in addition to the blue cast. It flashes differently depending on lighting, so unique!

The closest nail lacquer I have is MAC Toast of the Town, from way back in the Barbie Loves MAC collection in 2007. Toast of the Town doesn't have the shimmers that Formidable does. As well, Formidable is quite a bit more pigmented. I remember having to do 4-5 layers for Toast of the Town yet still not come close to being saturated enough to cover my natural nails.

The formula of Formidable isn't too shabby. It runs on the thinner side of formula's, but dries quickly. For swatches, I used 3 coats. But 4 coats would be ideal. One of the MAC make-up artists did mention to try it out with a black nail polish as a base coat. I have yet to do that, but I will be sure to follow up :)
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

MAC Disney Venomous Villains Evil Queen Hot House & Strange Potion Lipglass Review & Swatches

My picks for the Evil Queen Collection of MAC Disney Venomous Villains also included Hot House Lipglass and Strange Potion Lipglass.

Hot House Lipglass is a bright shade of fuchsia with loads of pink and fuchsia pearl shimmer. This one is pretty well pigmented. I wore this on its own for the last few days ;)

Strange Potion Lipglass is a pinky coral that reminds me quite a bit of Jazzed Lipstick from the MAC In the Groove Collection, as well as MAC Costa Chic Lipstick and Euro Beat Dazzleglass from Euristocrats. It's pretty pigmented for a lipglass. It does have a tendency to settle into liplines though, so I'd suggest a lipliner and lipstick beneath it.

Enjoy the swatch photo's! Lip combo's and looks to come soon :)

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MAC Disney Venomous Villains Evil Queen Bite of Apple Blush & Oh So Fair Beauty Powder Review & Swatches

The Evil Queen collection of MAC Venomous Villains includes a gorgeous array of beautiful slightly cooler toned products. My picks were Hot House Lipglass, Strange Potion Lipglass, Bite of An Apple Blush and Oh So Fair Beauty Powder.

Bite of An Apple Blush is a matte finish bright coral that leans a bit red. Used lightly, it's a beautiful shade for a slight flush (especially for lighter skinned girls). This one doesn't build up as easily as Darkly My Dear. This blush makes me think of old school Hollywood. I'm thinking of matching this up with loads of liquid eye liner, big lashes, and red lips. ;)

Oh So Fair Beauty Powder is a bright clean neutral pink with gold pearl. Beauty Powders from MAC are generally less pigmented than blushes are. As well, the color doesn't tend to build up to the intensity of the pan. While this one doesn't get close, it is quite a bit more pigmented than I expected. At first this kind of reminded me of Pearl Blossom Beauty Powder from the Barbie Loves MAC Collection. When I swatched them against each other, Pearl Blossom has a lot of silver pearl to it. I've used Oh So Fair as a blush, darker skinned girls may find this may not work for them.

Review and swatches of Hot House Lipglass and Strange Potion Lipglass to follow. :) Enjoy the swatch pictures.

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MAC Disney Venomous Villains Maleficent Violetta Lipstick, Revenge Is Sweet & Wrong Spell Lipglass Review & Swatches

MAC Disney Venomous Villains Maleficent portion of the Collection is my favorite part. I picked up Revenge Is Sweet Lipglass and Wrong Spell Lipglass. From a previous purchase at the MAC Pro Store, I have Violetta Lipstick that is also part of the collection however not in special packaging.

I've only recently gotten into super bright purple lips with Violetta lipstick. I love how they just scream look at me. Violetta is an amplified creme finish lipstick in a bright shade of violet purple. Cool-toned with a blue base, as well as glossy finish. Much like many Pro shades, it is richly pigmented and applies smoothly. It is a dream on and wears well into the day.

Revenge Is Sweet is a jelly like lipglass in a pinky purple in the tube, but swatches to more of a purpleish pink. It is fairly sheer and looks more of a sheer bright pink on lips. However, it looks amazing over Violetta. ;)

Wrong Spell is a dark plummy purple shade with golden, pink and purple shimmer. It is a frost finish. The shimmer in this is subdued when used alone, but shows through over top of other shades.

With these daring shades, they match well with the mineralized eye shadows of Maleficent. They are not for the shy or quiet, but definitely for those wanting to make a statement.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

MAC Disney Venomous Villains Dr. Facilier French Quarter Greasepaint Stick Review & Swatches

My one and only item I purchased from the Dr. Facilier portion of the MAC Venomous Villains is French Quarter Greasepaint Stick. French Quarter is a dark taupey golden black with gold and bronze flecks.

It has some similarity to Dirty Greasepaint Stick of the MAC Art Supplies Collection. Unfortunately, my swatch comparison makes them look more similar than they really are. The reality is it is more similar to NARS Aigle Noir Soft Touch Shadow Pencil.

This particular version of the greasepaint stick is much like previous editions. Creamy, not too sticky to add eye shadow to, and budge-proof. Use these sparingly as they don't respond much to water-based eye makeup remover and thus make mistakes that much harder to remove. ;)

For the moment, MAC French Quarter Greasepaint Stick is the only item I'm getting from the Dr. Facilier part of the Venomous Villains Collection. However, I just might pick up Truth & Light Magically Cool Liquid Powder on actual launch day. Other items I do have from previous launches in this part of the collection are Slick Black Greasepaint Stick and Resort Life Lipgelee.

More reviews & swatches to come!
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