Monday, July 5, 2010

MAC In The Groove Happy Together, Hang Loose & Band of Roses Mineralize Blush Review & Swatches

I think the stars of the MAC In The Groove Collection must be the mineralize blushes. Of the five available shades, I picked out Hang Loose, Happy Together and Band of Roses to take home. From these beauties, I can honestly say that these blushes are not glitter bombs nor have super high frost finishes. The result is a well pigmented and satin finish.

Each blush is composed of a satin side and pearly shimmer side. Take your pick, choose one side, blend them together or take more of one side with a bit of the other. Customizing your look is fabulous with these!

Happy Together is my favorite of the three. It has a satin caramel beige side and a shimmery peachy beige side on the other. If you enjoy MAC Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul, this is definitely one to look into.

Band of Roses is this years answer to Love Rock and Grand Duo, but far less frost! It has a satiny bluish pink on one side and shimmery bluish dark plum on the other. It is very well pigmented and a light hand with a duo fibre brush is absolutely necessary with this one.

Hang Loose is a unique combination of satiny light bluish pink on one side and shimmery lavender on the other. The light bluish pink side is reminiscent of Moon River with out shimmer. The lavender shade is the frostiest of three blushes I picked out. It appears almost white on my skintone, so I would use this side as a highlighter.

I passed on A Little Bit of Sunshine and New Vibe. A little Bit of Sunshine was too orange for my taste. While New Vibe reminded me very much of Bi-Tone from the MAC Too Fabulous Collection. If you love mineral blushes, be sure to go pick up some these lovelies :)

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  1. Those look so nice, I know a lot of people are getting that purple/pin kone, but I am not sure how practical the purple side would be, but definitely unique.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful review. Hang Loose and Happy Together look gorgeous xx

  3. Thanks Princess Livia! Happy Together works really well with warm & slightly cool looks. It is so wearable, hope you get it! :)

  4. Hi Justine,
    Hang Loose is pretty versatile, but if your skintone is relatively dark, this may not work for you. The purple side works more as a highlighter than anything. Also use it mixed together with the pink side to play up the shimmer :)

  5. Hi Christy,
    Is Warm Soul very close to Happy Together?

  6. Hi Ra,
    While Warm Soul and Happy Together are in the same color spectrum, Warm Soul is a little darker, peachier, browner and has more glittery bits in it. Happy Together has a pearl shimmer to it that makes for a very pretty soft glow on me. I will post a few comparison shots for you as soon as I can :) HTH!