Sunday, July 4, 2010

MAC In The Groove Comfort & Stereo Rose Mineralize Skin Finishes

MAC Cosmetics newest launch includes for the In The Groove Collection includes four Mineralize Skinfinishes. This includes Petticoat, By Candlelight, Comfort and Stereo Rose. I picked up both Comfort and Stereo Rose.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Comfort is a marbled warm dark golden bronze that is well pigmented and not too frosty. I like how this is not frosty, but has a more refined shimmer. I would suggest using a light handed application using a MAC 187 or 188 or other duo fibre brush. It is well pigmented so fairer skintones may find that it may work better as a bronzer more so than just a blush.

Stereo Rose is coral with golden bronze shimmer. Much like Comfort, it is richly pigmented. It is great shade that I am sure many fair to medium skintones will love to use as a blush for summer. It does tend to be a bit too shimmery if you applied to heavily, so a few light swirls if you prefer to use a MAC 129 would be sufficient. Otherwise a duo fibre brush would work beautifully.

By Candlelight swatches and review are located here from the MAC Warm and Cozy Collection from winter 2009/2010. I purchased Petticoat last summer on Ebay prior to my days of blogging. I promise I'll get a review and swatches for Petticoat up as soon as possible. As well at the time of posting, Comfort is now available on the MAC Cosmetics Canada website. Maybe the rest will be up sooner rather than later ;)

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  1. are these out already in store? nothing online yet and I've been stalking. I want to pick up stereo rose, looks pretty!

  2. I only saw Comfort online so far, but i'd check back Monday night. They usually have it all posted by then :) Some stores do have them, i'd call 1st before heading out. I go to a MAC pro store that usually releases a few days early :)