Thursday, July 15, 2010

MAC Digi-Pops Dazzleglass Hi-Falutin, Utterly Posh, Spanking Rich & Fabulous Fun Review & Swatches

Once again, I am blogging from my iPhone so please accept my apologies on the layout until i get to my laptop tonight :)

The MAC Digi-Pops Collection includes a delicious selection of Dazzleglass that is sure to make its way into every Dazzleglass collectors stash. (why of course I am one of those ;) I picked up Hi-Falutin', Spanking Rich, and Fabulous Fun. I also have Utterly Posh from last years MAC Double Dazzle Collection that is being repromoted as part of the Digi-Pops Collection.

Hi-Falutin' Dazzleglass is a creamy medium pinky peach with gold pearl. It is very similar to a MAC Monogram Lipglass that I can't quite remember the name of! I will update with a name though ;) Edit: I checked my stash and it is Identity. It's also pretty darn close to Soft Dazzle Dazzleglass Creme.

Fabulous Fun is pinky purple with pink and purple pearl. It is very similar to MAC Funtabulous Dazzleglass.

Spanking Rich is magenta with pink pearl. Goes with Girl About Town ;)

Utterly Posh is orange with orange and pink pearl. It goes beautifully with Glaringly Hip Dazzle Lipstick or even Costa Chic Lipstick.

The Digi-Pop Collectionof Dazzleglass is much like previous editions and the permanent formula. Slightly sticky, sheer and lovely layered. Now I adore Dazzleglass, however I always get annoyed at how fast I finish these up and how sheer they can be. I am a layering lip product girl, so the sheerness issue doesn't bother me enough to not get these. As I've noted above, a few of these are similar to previous released Dazzleglass, so there may be an appropriate replacement here.

Enjoy the pictures for now. I will be doing lip swatches over the weekend and post them in a separate post. Have a lovely day :)


  1. I love the name Spanking Rich! Think Hi-Falutin is my favourite though. They're very sparkly :)

  2. Yes, they're all very sparkly :) Hi-Falutin is gorgeous and is one that I am hoping to get a back up of :)