Saturday, July 3, 2010

9 Travel Makeup and Beauty Favorites

Summer is upon us and a little bit of travel is in many a beauty junkies plans. While it would be fantastic to just bring my entire makeup collection, the space in my suitcase and the looks I'd get from my friends for bringing everything with me would not be worthwhile. (Needless to say, it would also hamper space options for shopping ;) So on a recent road-trip, I paired down my usual makeup regime down to some basics. Besides some of everyday favorites (MAC Blacktrack Fluidline and MAC Bad, Bad Black Opulash Mascara) here are a few of my travel choices:

1. Powder Foundation: I used MAC Studio Fix Foundation ($31 CAD). Applied with a moist kabuki brush leaves a flawless finish. Or use it dry with a kabuki brush delivers sheer light coverage. Bonus feature: it is a compact, so you can always use the mirror to check yourself out when one is not available. Such was the case when you have one bathroom and four girls sharing a hotel room. ;) While you can still start early, there's bound to be a moment or two where someone else is using the big bathroom mirror and you can't use it.

2. Multi-purpose Cheek & Lip Tint: I chose Tarte Cheek Stain in Eco-Cheek ($30 USD). This is a pretty pinky coral with a bit of gold shimmer. Unlike NARS Multiple in Orgasm, it has no glitter. It has just a bit of shimmer that makes it perfect to use during the day and into the night. It can also be used on the lips for a hint of color. I have the mini version, however it is available in the full size version.

3. MAC Cleanse-Off Oil: I am not one to sacrifice on cleansing. It is vital to healthy skin, in addition to drinking loads of water and eating plenty of fruits and veggies. MAC Cleanse-Off Oil removes all my makeup at night without being drying. This was a total lifesaver for me. At the end of a few late nights out shopping and partying, it helped remove all the days gunk without my skin suffering from being up to not so healthy things. If space is an issue, transfer some over to a travel size container and double bag it in plastic bags just in case it leaks out. ;)

4. Compact Eyelash Curler: The Sephora Curl It Eyelash Curler ($14 USD) is extremely compact and delivers perfectly curled lashes. The best part is that I tend to find less skin pinching at the corners of the curler because there's no metal bracket at the corners. It is also easy to clean and very light.

5. Shimmery Nude Beigey-Gold Eyeshadow: Your nude and my nude will probably differ based on your skintone. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Wet/Dry Eye Shadow (2 for $12USD or 5 for $20USD) in Gold Rush or Hot Ginger are my picks. They can be used wet or dry. But these paler nude shades work wonderfully as a highlighter in addition to being an all over shadow wash. They also kind of remind me of MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes. Gold Rush reminds me of New Vegas and Hot Ginger reminds me of both Soft and Gentle and Shimpagne The Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Wet/Dry Eye Shadows are a lot smaller and if they break, they don't break the bank. (& yes that is speaking from experience. I dropped MAC Mineralized SkinFinish in Redhead recently and while it was a clean drop where I saved most of it, I was still pretty upset.)

6. MAC Mineralize Lotion: MAC Mineralize Lotion is a great lotion that can be used on your face and body. It works well as a light yet non-greasy night time moisturizer or to soothe dry patches anywhere. Its light texture is extremely soothing and very hydrating.

7. Neutral Eye Shadow Palette: I chose the MAC Smoke & Mirrors Holiday Eye Shadow Palette. It has a good mix of browns, from light to dark. As well it has a good highlighter and darker shade to use for filling in eyebrows. Other great candidates were NYX For Your Eyes Only 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Smokey Eyes and NYX The Runway Collection 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Champagne and Caviar. Both contain 10 eye shadows decent to great quality shades for a variety of simple to sultry looks. (Actually when I was moving and had to pack away my makeup collection up for a few weeks, I used NYX Champagne and Caviar until I could unpack it all. ;)

8. Travel or Short Handled Brushes: MAC Brush Sets are fabulous for this. They're not going to be the same quality as regular brushes, but for their space saving size, they're worth it :) I got my first set of "basic" brushes way back in 2002 that are still marching along. They are available during the winter holiday season and every once in awhile in the summer. Also check out the Cosmetics Company Outlet, they occasionally have them or something similar available.

9. Fragrance Samples: I am always wear a different fragrance every day. I'm just not one to wear the same fragrance the next day. ;) While on vacation, it isn't too practical to bring a different bottle of perfume for each day of a trip. To solve this, I save up those little tiny tubes of perfume from Sephora or from around the fragrance counters. Variety and space saving :)

I didn't quite make it to 10 items, but 9 it will have to be. Now these are just suggestions. But the idea is to bring makeup and beauty products for travel that are compact, multi-purpose, versatile and most importantly a product I would truly use.


  1. great pics. I love the little fragrance samples that you get from sephora. I would also say the rollerball perfumes are nice for on the go to throw in your makeup bag.

    I have that VS hot ginger and gold rush too! they are great and super cheap! :)

  2. Victoria's Secret Hot Ginger & Gold Rush are fabulous! For those days where I don't know quite what to use, I just do a sheer wash of either one as an eye shadow and a bit for highlighting. Ready set go for the day :)