Sunday, May 2, 2010

Super Easy Tearduct Highlighter: Sephora Flashy Pink Waterproof Liner Review & Swatch

The Sephora Flashy Pink Waterproof Eye Liner is probably the quickest way to highlight your tearduct without using a brush and eye shadow. Flashy Pink is a waterproof pencil eye liner that is in a pale pearly pink shade. The shimmer is noticeable without being glittery and does not verges on to the too frosty side either.

Flashy Pink applies smoothly and evenly due to its creamy texture. The color is well pigmented. Only 1 pass on the waterline and it makes me look awake :). Unfortunately, it does not stay on the waterline very well for me. On the waterline closest to my eye, the pencil fades away after about 6 hours. However, closer to my lashline, this pretty frosty pink stays on for a good 10-12 hours for me.

As an inner tear duct highlight, it's just right. Not too much glimmer and frost brings a bit of a glow that is subtle. I also like that a separate brush is needed to apply this. It makes it travel ready or at least great to leave in your makeup bag while on the go. Definitely check it out girls! :)
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