Sunday, April 25, 2010

More MAC Art Supplies Greasepaint Sticks Review & Swatches

I adore MAC Greasepaint Sticks. At first, I thought I may as well get a few more to just about complete my collection of greasepaint sticks. They work beautifully as a base and are much creamier than Shadesticks. The pencil form makes them more convenient than MAC Paint Pots and Paints. The sharpener at the end allows for sharpening them up for a relatively precise application without the use of a brush. MAC Art Supplies just drew me in to get some more!

I got Uniformly Blue, Below Ground, and Charred Mauve. To round up the mini-haul, I also got Industrial Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner. Uniformly Blue is a deep dark purplish blue. In the tube, it appears almost the same as B Greasepaint Stick from Dsquared 2. However, on swatching, B is noticeably a more vivid and brighter shade of blue that reminds me of Blue Flame from Style Black and good old Deep Truth. Uniformly Blue edges on indigo in the range of blues. It's more like Contrast from the permanent MAC eye shadow range.

Charred Mauve and V is the purple pairing. Charred Mauve is significantly darker and not as bright as V. However, their differences are not as great as between B and Uniformly Blue. Charred Mauve is a more subdued and darker shade than V.

To round up my Greasepaint Sticks I also got Below Ground. It is a darkened frosted bronze that matches well with Antiqued and Tempting eye shadows. I skipped on Brown Now for now since it reminded me a lot of Artifact Paint Pot. While I love the shade, I couldn't quite justify getting it. However, this may change ;)

Lastly, Industrial Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner is a silvery blue liner that really grabbed me the second time around. I could see myself using this on the lower lashline to lighten up a gray smokey eye. It would be that little bit of light to contrast the dark. Enjoy the swatches!
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