Sunday, April 4, 2010

MAC Art Supplies Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner Reviews & Swatches

MAC Art Supplies included 6 brand new shades of Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner. These are ever so slightly different than Pearlglide Eye Liners that are not quite as bright, pearly or vibrant as the Intense versions. Of the three Pearlglide Eye Liners I have, it is quite noticeable how different the formula's are. It kind of makes me think of Starflash eye shadows compared to the regular line of formula's. Both great, yet the intensity and vibrancy differences is huge.

So far I only picked up Almost Noir, Undercurrent, Black Line and Designer Purple.

  • Almost Noir is listed as dirty plum, but it looks more blackened burgundy to me. This kind of reminded me of Raven Kohl Power Eye Liner, where Almost Noir was more brown than Raven was red.
  • Undercurrent is teal with golden pearl. This makes me think of Parrot or Strike A Pose Eye Shadow, but with gobs more golden pearl. I can't help but get mesmerized by this shadow, it's so gorgeous!
  • Blackline is listed as true black, however it is more like black with golden pearl. It is shockingly similar to NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil Aigle Noir. Aigle Noir doesn't work easily as a liner though because of its width. So it's nice to see something so similar that is more practical to use as a liner.
  • Designer Purple is iridescent violet. It does bare some resemblance to Smashbox Hope Liner and Urban Decay Ransom. However it does have a considerable amount of pearly sparkly goodness that really wowed me over when I swatched it at the counter.

Unfortunately, my camera doesn't do these liners justice. I do encourage everyone to have a look at these beauties at the counters. They've struck me down and I think I'll be getting both Petrol and Industrial this week. Until next time, enjoy the swatches and comparison shots :)


  1. Undercurrent is STUNNING! I had eyes for Blackline only but I might just change my mind. The thing is, I'm not sure I'd use it much...oh well, I'll see how I get along when it comes out here!

  2. Hey Marce,
    I was thinking of just Blackline too, but when I saw the others, I seriously felt my eyes bug out. Designer Purple is another one to check out if you love purples :)