Sunday, April 4, 2010

MAC Art Supplies Greasepaint Stick Review & Swatches

The MAC Art Supplies Collection won me over with new shades of Greasepaint Sticks. One of my favorite makeup looks is always a variation of the smokey eye with lots of dark shadows. The smokey eye is great for me because while I do have a crease, it helps to create the illusion of a crease that is even deeper. What better way to achieve this than with dark bases such as Greasepaint Sticks. :)

I picked up Greengrease, Dirty, Zinc Zone and Slick Black.
  • Slick Black is deep dark carbon black. It is as black as it gets, much like Feline liner. It is quite different than the Style Black greasepaint stick which has purple sparkly flecks.
  • Greengrease is a deep dark shade of forest green. Unfortunately, my swatches make it look more black than green. However, there is a distinct green tinge. It does remind me of Humid eye shadow, but more black.
  • Dirty is a dark taupe, much like Satin Taupe Eye Shadow. Satin Taupe is one of my favorite eye shadows, so Dirty will get a lot of love.
  • Zinc Zone is a dark silver gunmetal shade. It actually looks a lot like Sharkskin Shadestick. In a side by side swatch, Sharkskin is very close. The only difference is formula, where the Shadestick is creamier and doesn't tend to set as fast as a greasepaint stick.
Overall, the formula of this round of Greasepaint Sticks is creamier than that in Dsquared2 and Style Black. Hence, application and blending is a little bit easier with these. Compared to past Greasepaint Sticks, they set just as quickly, so be sure to plan out a look ahead of time before applying. A word of warning, be careful to twist your Greasepaint Stick down so that the tip does not get damaged. I've done this to my original and now the tip is smushed. Of course it is still usable and I can sharpen the tip over with the included sharpener, however I hate to loose good product. I'd also note that these tend to smell more like grease as time goes on. My Style Black Greasepaint Stick has a more distinct oil/gas smell that dissipates after application.

Now I can only hope that more Greasepaint Sticks will be released in other colors in the future. Greasepaint Sticks work well as a base for eye shadow or on their own. Of course there are NYX Jumbo Pencils, MAC Shadesticks, MAC Paint Pots, MAC Paints and MAC Fluidlines that could do the trick. Choose your poison ladies and gentlemen, and have some fun with Greasepaint Sticks.

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  1. thanks for the review!! I'm really excited about picking these up this week. I really want Dirty and Zinc Zone :)

  2. Hey Scarlettholly, You'll love them both! When I was at the counter, the MA said they were probably the more practical of the greasepaint sticks. I just used Dirty today, so I have to agree with her :)

  3. I love the look of Dirty! Since I'm a fan of Satin Taupe too, I might just pick it up. The other colours are stunning aswell, so I'll wait and see them in person! Thanks for your swatches :)