Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MAC Give Me Liberty of London Review & Swatches

The MAC Give Me Liberty of London Collection won me over before it hit the counter due to the fabulous packaging. I am a packaging junkie. To be honest, any special edition packaging from MAC makes me go nuts and requires much restraint to resist. This collection is particularly gorgeous in white with colorful prints all over. Beyond the packaging, I couldn't help but love the colors. I picked out Ever Hip lipstick, Prim & Proper Blush, Perennial High Style Lipglass, Frankly Fresh Lipglass, Give Me Liberty of London Eye Shadow, Bough Grey Eye Shadow, Birds & Berries Eye Shadow and Blue India Nail Lacquer. Look here for my NOTD on Blue India.

Of the eye shadows, I picked out Give Me Liberty of London, Bough Grey and Birds & Berries. I already have Dame's Desire from last year's Dame Edna Royal Tour Eye Shadow Trio. Give Me Liberty of London is a matte light pink. It's quite like Pen n Pink, part of the permanent line. I nearly returned this one, but the packaging junkie in me said it was too cute to return. I found this one to be chalky and required digging to get to show up. I'd use this more as an all over lid color and perhaps lightly as a highlighter. Bough Grey is a satin finish shimmery greenish grey. It is one of the better satin finish eye shadows I've encountered. it came out fairly pigmented. The texture of Bough Grey was a bit chalky, so a creamy base would make it easier for application. Birds & Berries is in the veluxe pearl finish, one of my favorite finishes from MAC. Birds & Berries is a frosty dark teal blue shade. It's kind of like Deep Blue Green pigment, but a bit lighter. As well being a pressed eye shadow, it is much easier to use than a loose pigment.

From the face and cheek products, I got Prim & Proper blush. It is a pale pinky peach shade with light shimmer. It reminds me of Buff blush, a soft pinky peach. Prim & Proper is perfect for subtle cheeks to compliment a strong eye and lip look. I was also tempted to get Shell Pearl, however I do have this from one of last year's Look in a Box sets. Shell Pearl is a pretty pale peach with gold pearl. It makes for a perfect highlighter on top of Prim & Proper. Summer Rose was is tempting in its pretty packaging, but I do have this from last year's Rose Romance collection. It has yet to get a lot of love from me as it is a fairly sheer cheek product. It is a sheer cool shade of pink with subtle pearl.

Of the lipsticks, Ever Hip stood out as the one I would use. It is creamy light coral in a cremesheen finish. It's quite like Costa Chic, but not as bright and not in a frost. It applies creamy yet slightly sheer, but is buildable. Perennial High Style is a creamy pinky coral that compliments Ever Hip beautifully for a pretty coral lip. Frankly Fresh is a creamy pinky nude. Atop Ever Hip, it becomes a more subtle coral lip.

There are of course many items that I didn't end up getting but are pretty unique. Of note, Blooming Lovely lipstick. It is a gorgeous shade of purple, that unfortunately runs too cool for me and makes me look like a bit too strange. Petals & Peacocks is another beauty, but its brightness doesn't lend to wearability. In any case that ends the haul, review & swatches of this collection. Until next time, enjoy the photo's :)

NOTD: MAC Liberty of London Blue India Nail Lacquer

One of the first products that jumped out at me from the MAC Give Me Liberty of London collection was Blue India Nail Lacquer. It's a creamy finish dark teal blue. I used 3 medium-thick coats to achieve an opaque finish. I didn't find this to be as streaky as most other MAC nail lacquers. However the formula is on the thin side and requires some care to apply evenly. This polish wore well and showed tip wear after 3 days of wear.
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MAC Spring Color Forecast Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

MAC Spring Color Forecast had a gorgeous selection of eye shadows in the range of amber, pink, plum and coral. Personally, I indulged in pink, plum and amber. Coral's and orange eye shadow have never really attracted me. However plum's and amber's are always shades shades I would use. Nanogold, Rosy Outlook, Lala and Very Violet, Color 3 Quad and Color 4 Quad all made it into my MAC shopping bag.

Color 3 Quad is the plum quad and it includes Mink Pink, Bruised Plum, Black Tulip and Jungle Moon. Mink Pink is a veluxe finished eye shadow that behaves more like a satin finish. It is described as neutral soft pink. I find its much like Angel lipstick in shade. I found this one to be the hardest to apply. It was a bit chalky and required some digging to deposit enough color. Bruised Plum is described as a frosted mid-tone dirty mauve in a veluxe pearl finish. It is kind of like Hypnotizing or Shale, however pinker and brighter. This is my favorite shade in the quad. I would use this above the crease or over the lid, it's fairly versatile :) Black Tulip is described as a frosted dark grape in a frost finish. This one reminded me of Satellite Dreams, but with a bit of Vibrant Grape. Jungle Moon is described as a blackened deep eggplant in a matte finish. This is a dark purple with a hint of brown to it. It works well to deepen the crease or eye liner shade. Besides Mink Pink being a bit chalky, my only other complaint is that it does not have a highlighter color. Once again, besides Mink Pink, the remaining eye shadows apply evenly, smoothly and are well pigmented. While not necessary, a highlighter shade would have made the quad more travel ready.

Color 4 Quad is composed of Manila Paper, Flip, Aztec Brick and Creole Beauty. Manila Paper is described as pale frosted white gold in a veluxe pearl finish. It's much like Femme-Fi, one of my favorite highlighters. However Manila Paper does not have the pinkish tones that Femme-Fi has. Flip is described as bronze gold in a frost finish. This makes for a great all over lid color. It is not overly bronze, making it not too orangey. Aztec Brick is described as frosted true copper in a veluxe pearl finish. It is quite orangey, this turns me off of it because it makes me think of the brassy highlights I had when I got back from Las Vegas. While not flattering, I would use it as an accent color in the outer third of the lid. Creole Beauty is described as frosted dark golden brown in a frost finish. This is a beautiful shade great for in the crease or above the crease. All shades in this quad are well pigmented, frosty and apply beautifully. It's a winner if you like the shades.

From the single eye shadows, Nanogold, Rosy Outlook, Lala and Very Violet made it into my shopping bag. Rosy Outlook is a satin finish frosted baby pink. This one reminded me exactly of Whistle from Barbie Loves MAC and a lighter version of Pen n Pink of the permanent line. I'd use this as an all over lid color or even highlighter. I found this applied more matte and a bit chalky. Nanogold is a lustre finish sheer yellow beige with pink pearl. I really liked how this shade had the pink pearl, it makes it a bit more versatile and interesting than your typical yellow beige. Surprisingly for a lustre finish, I didn't find that this had a lot of fall out issues with glitter. I found the glitter in it to be less gritty than in most lustre finish eye shadows. Lala is a frost finish mid-tone pink. This one is quite like Pink Pearl pigment, but less frosty with a slight shimmer to it. I found the texture to be a bit chalky, requiring some digging to apply. It also wasn't as pigmented as I'd expected from such a vibrant shade. Very Violet is a frost finish dark violet. It is like a darker version of Vibrant Grape. It has some pinkish purple glitter to it. I also found this one to be a bit chalky, however better pigmented.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

MAC Spring Color Forecast Lipstick & Lipglass Review & Swatches

MAC Spring Colour Forecast is full of beauties for lipstick and lipglass lovers. With spring in the air, pinks and corals are just one way to bring your makeup colours into the new season. There's a great mix of both warm and cool shades. I was more than happy to get Ember Glow, Cha Cha, Hush Hush Rose Lipglass, as well as Victorian, Laugh A Lot, Bubblegum, Colour Me Coral and Fresh Salmon Lipstick.

Personally, I tend to prefer warmer colours, but I do enjoy a cool lipstick layered with a warm lipgloss. Spring Colour Forecast includes one such warmer transitional lipglosses in the shade of Ember Glow. Ember Glow is a creamy light apricot, quite similar in fact to Feeling Dreamy from the MAC Warm & Cozy Collection. It has medium opacity, so it allows for a light layering over lipstick. I used Ember Glow over Snob, Viva Glam Gaga and Saint Germain. The end result was a lovely pinky coral with lip.

For something I'd wear everyday on its own, I picked out Cha Cha lipglass. It is a frosted medium pink with gold glitter. The glitter in it isn't overly chunky where it is gritty when worn. This one reminds me of Love Nectar Lustreglass and Ensign Lustreglass. Both shades I'd wear for a subtle yet still there lip colour. It has medium opacity, not too sheer yet not high pigmented.

Hush Hush Rose is quite the opposite of subtle. It actually is a nice bright raspberry pink. It is quite like Steal My Heart from MAC Rose Romance. I found this one to be the most pigmented. A little of this went a long way considering it was a lipgloss.

The lipsticks were a wonderful surprise in how well pigmented they were. Specifically Laugh A Lot, listed as a lustre in a medium mauve pink really did not come off as a sheer as most lustre finish lipsticks do. It is actually well pigmented. It has some similarities to Viva Glam VI SE released with Fergie, but Laugh A Lot is not as cool toned. Given the choices, this is probably the one I would pick if I could only get one lipstick from Spring Color Forecast.

Bubblegum is a lavender pink, that is finally a lavender pink that I can wear. Perhaps because it is a slightly less corpse like as Lavender Whip or Fashion Mews on me. This is a medium pigmented glaze, that makes it much more wearable than the aforementioned lipsticks.

Fresh Salmon is described by MAC as a sheer bright pinky orange, I'd say it is a pinky coral. Since it is a lustre finish, it applies sheer but is buildable.

Colour Me Coral is an orangey coral in a frost finish. It reminds me of Costa Chic, but with more frost and lighter in shade. It applies opaquely.

Victorian is described by MAC as frosted light golden pink. It is similar to MAC Lollipop Loving, but much more pigmented, brighter and without the greenish cast.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

FOTD: Loads of Green & Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Amazing how time flies, we're already half way done March. To think it wasn't too long ago we were celebrating St. Valentine's Day. Since Valentine's Day colors were all about the pink's and purple's, St. Patrick's Day colors are all about green. While I won't do a green lip, here's a smokey green to brighten up your St. Patrick's Day.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Paint Pot, Bare Study
MAC Eye Shadow, Femme Fi (highlight)
MAC Eye Shadow, Rated R (inner third of lid)
MAC Eye Shadow, Lucky Green (middle third of lid)
MAC Eye Shadow, Sumptuous Olive (outer third of lid, crease and outer crease, lower lashline)
MAC Eye Shadow, One Off (above crease)
MAC Technakohl Eye Liner, Graphblack (tightline and waterline)
MAC Plushlash Mascara, Black

MAC Blush Ombre, Ripe Peach

MAC Lipstick, Fresh Salmon
MAC Lipglass, Ember Glow
MAC Cremestick Pearl Liner, Mother Pearl

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MAC Too Fabulous Review & Swatches

MAC Too Fabulous Collection welcomed Dazzlecreme Lipglass, 6 new limited edition shades of mineralize blushes and 5 new limited edition shades of lip pencils. I'll be honest though, I kind of wish some of the pencils were permanent. I am glad that the Cremesheen Glasses are permanent. This will give me some time to select and pick out a few so I don't go overboard. ;) (A recent visit by one of my good friend's noted that I had way too many lip glosses. My last count was around 40 open tubes. I know not good! )

While I skipped the glosses, I did get Naked Liner, Bi-Tone Mineralize Blush and Buddy Up Mineralize Blush.

I am addicted to blush, much like I am addicted to lip gloss. However, that doesn't tend to stop me much when I find a beautiful shade. MAC Buddy Up Mineralize Blush is described as a marble of dirty rose and neutral yellow pink. The result when swirled together is a well pigmented shade of rose, suitable for either a cool or neutral look. MAC Bi-Tone Mineralize Blush is a marble of rose pink and copper bronze. The result when swirled together is a rich blend of warmed up peachy pink. The swatches posted are done with a MAC 109 swirled over the blush and swiped on to my arm twice. Buddy Up is shimmery with frost finishes but not glittery. Bi-Tone has more frost and glitter throughout.

Naked Liner is a pale light peach that would probably be flesh tone for someone with low pigmented lips and very fair skin. Myself, mine are low pigmented, however I am NC40. I was quite impressed by it even though it wasn't my flesh tone so I got two of them. It works wonderfully with lots of pale peaches, nudes, and some pinks. A few days ago, I used it out with Ever Lip lipstick from the Liberty of London Collection. It becomes a slightly more subtle coral shade around the edges of my lips.
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Urban Decay Disney Alice in Wonderland Palette Review & Swatches

The Alice in Wonderland movie was recently released featuring Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway with Tim Burton as the director. In conjunction with the movie, Urban Decay had released the Alice in Wonderland Palette. Unfortunately, it is sold out online and in stores at Sephora. The current going rate for it on Ebay is approximately $100 CAD. I was able to get mine on Sephora prior to sell out and am glad I did. I am loving most of the eye shadows.

The palette features 16 eye shadows in frost and glitter finishes. It includes sample sizes of Urban Decay 24/7 eye liner in Zero and Flipside, as well as a travel size Eye Shadow Primer Potion. It's all housed in cardboard and paper packaging with a drawer to pull everything out of. It includes a small size mirror that I can see I might use while traveling (as long as the designs on the packaging don't distract me!).

The sample size Urban Decay Primer Potion is a given that I'll love. It is one of my favorite bases to lock down eye shadow. I use it pretty much everyday unless I don't plan on doing much eye makeup. I have oily lids, so this product helps to prevent my eye shadow from creasing. As a bonus, the eye shadows that I use do come out more true to pan than if I used a colored base.

The first row of eye shadows include Underland, Alice, Oraculum and Queen. Underland is a cool vibrant purple frost shade with a pink cast to it. Underland is bright ocean blue shade in a frost finish with a silver sheen to it. Oraculum is a darkened warm gold shade in a frost finish. Queen is a dark cranberry shade in a frost finish. All four shades in this row have a smooth texture that is neither dry or chalky.

The second row includes Chessur, White Rabbit, Wonderland and Curiouser. These are my least favorite row of eye shadows. Chessur is a lightened copper shade. White Rabbit is a pale light gold almost white shade. Wonderland is a pale light gold shade. Curiouser is a pale cool lavender shade. All in this row are frost finishes with fine silver glitter in it. This makes for fall out city on my cheeks by using any technique to apply and blend. Having said that, I still think these eye shadows could be used if you are willing to: have patience, use a sticky base, pat the eye shadows down carefully and wipe away the fallout with some makeup remover.

The third row includes Muchness, Mushroom, Midnight Tea Party and Vorpal. Muchness reminds me of MAC Paradisco, a golden coral shade in a frost finish. Mushroom reminds me of MAC Smoke & Diamonds, but slightly darker. This is a frosted taupey-gray. Out of all the shadows in the palette, this is my favorite. I'm finding I reach for it fairly often. Midnight Tea Party is a pinky champagne gold with lots of silver glitter. This one has the same warnings as for the second row of shadows. Apply with caution and care. ;) Vorpal is a pewter gray in a frost finish. The frosts in this row are well pigmented and apply evenly. The worst of the row is Midnight Tea Party due to the abundance of silver glitter in it.

The last row includes Absolem, Drink Me Eat Me, Mad Hatter and Jabberwocky. Absolem is a frosted leaf green shade with a gold cast. Drink Me Eat Me is a pinky champagne gold in a frost finish. It is darker than Midnight Tea Party. I find I reach for this eye shadow a lot, much like Mushroom. Mad Hatter is a matte reddish brown with bronze glitter. Jabberwocky is a matte black with silver glitter.

Urban Decay 24/7 eye liner in Zero is a given that everyone is going to love. It's a classic solid black eye liner that everyone is bound to use. Flipside is a lot like Alice but in pencil form. It's a beautiful shade of bright ocean blue. I could see myself using this on the lower lashline or on the upper lashline to accent a blue eye look.

Overall, I love all the frost eye shadows for their amazing texture, pigmentation and vibrancy. I've been able to come up with a few great eye looks using these. The glitter eye shadows are another story with glitter fall out for all. Beyond fall out, they do have a dryer texture compared to the frost finish shadows, however they still have great pigmentation. I tend to use these only if I have time to get rid of all of the glitter fall out and generally only for an evening look.

The great thing about this palette is that it has left me with wanting more Urban Decay. I'm leaning towards some bright frosts, perhaps in green, blue or purple.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

MAC Spring Colour Forecast Haul Pictures

In the mix of the Olympic fever, being sick with the flu and working, I've been lagging in posts. I am hoping to do some catch up really soon! Specifically with all the goodies I've been picking up in the last 3 weeks that haven't been posted. This includes MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast, a collection with four mini-collections based on four colors: amber, pink, plum and coral. The slew of products included lipglasses, lipsticks, eye shadow singles, eye shadow quads, crushed metal pigments, blush ombres and nail polish.

Of the many gorgeous products, I picked out Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre and Ripe Peach Blush Ombre. Unfortunately, both products are both sold out online and the stores and counters I've visited.

I am slightly addicted to purple eye shadow, so I got the Colour 3 eye shadow quad.

To add to it, I had to get Very Violet eye shadow, as well as Lala, Nanogold and Rosy Outlook to compliment it.

Who can say no to a solid set of bronzes and neutrals? I certainly couldn't! Color 4 eye shadow quad.

I go through a lot of MAC lipglass. Perhaps it's too much time with the boys ;). Ember Glow, Cha Cha and Hush Hush Rose are both gorgeous shades that I know will get lots of use for me. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to take pics of these just yet, so this post will be updated with pics of these shortly. ;)

The lipsticks made me very happy. MAC doesn't have a lot of permanent coral shades, so I was happy to see many promoted in this collection. Colour Me Coral, Fresh Salmon, Laugh-A-Lot, Bubblegum and Victorian all made it home with me. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to take pics of these just yet, so this post will be updated with pics of these shortly. ;)

Full review and swatches of products are soon to come!

Monday, March 1, 2010

NOTD: Sephora by OPI I'm With Brad Nail Polish

Included as part of the current 500 point Sephora perk is Sephora by OPI I'm With Brad Nail Polish. This is a dark burgundy wine shimmer in a deep dark almost black shade of brown. To some this may just be another dark shade of nail polish suitable for the goth-vampire set. However being off black, the color shows through when in good lighting. Unfortunately, my previous photo's did not do this shade justice, hence the dedicated post. The swatch is done with 3 coats of nail polish in natural indoor lighting on one of the very few bright sunny day's.

When It Pays To Shop 2 Much: Sephora by OPI 500 Point Beauty Perk

Sometimes being a shopaholic is worth it. The case is certainly true when Sephora has great Beauty Insider perks such as the one pictured here. Shopping over the holidays for gifts and splurging on Urban Decay, Korres, NARS and other lovelies in the past several months have allowed me to rack up a whopping 500+ points. To my excitement, it includes 3 full size bottles of Sephora by OPI Nail Color.

Personal Shopper, Dear Diary... and I'm With Brad are included. They are 3 classic shades that are sure to tickle your fancy.

Personal Shopper is your classic shade of cream finished cherry red. It applies smooth and evenly. Two coats and it'll be perfect. It's a nail polish addicts dream except that it can tend to stain, probably due to the high pigmentation. I would keep a bottle of salon strength remover and a few nail wipes around to clean this one up.

Dear Diary... is a pale light pink. This polish is slightly sheer and does not apply as evenly as Personal Shopper. Due to the sheerness, I'd do 3 to 4 coats to reach full opacity.

I'm With Brad is a dark brown burgundy shade with burgundy wine fine shimmer. This applies smoothly and evenly. I would do 2 coats to reach full opacity. Unfortunately, its hard to see the beauty of this color without being in good natural lighting. Next to the other polishes it just looks dark, but rest assured there is the play of wine shimmer throughout.

Below are swatches of the 3 side by side. Personal Shopper and I'm With Brad have 2 coats each, while Dear Diary... has 3 coats of nail polish. Base coat and Top Coat is OPI Start to Finish. As a final touch I used Creative Solar Speed Spray.

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