Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mail Time!

I love it when the mailman comes. Something interesting always seems to come at least a few times a week. Some days it will be a few boxes or envelopes, other times nothing at all. Today I received 3 parcels each containing wonderful little wonders that I bought on Ebay and a good size sample from Fusion Beauty.

In my love of shopping, Ebay had to come along. I like that you can find just about anything. For some reason or another, I skipped out on Bubbles lipstick from MAC's Sugarsweet collection and the Hot Contrast Mineralized Eyeshadow. I was able to find a seller having both and didn't charge too hefty of a shipping fee. I'm really liking the marble side of Hot Contrast, I may work it together with Young Punk from Style Black. Perhaps the marble side as a lid color and Young Punk as a crease color. I know there isn't a lot of love for mineralized eyeshadows from MAC, but I do. Great bases and packing it with a 239 usually does the trick for me.

From another Ebay seller, I picked up MAC Saturnal eyeshadow from the Moonbathe collection. Now that I have it, I kind of wish I didn't buy it. It's kind of a lighter version of Knight Manouevers from Style Warriors. I already have that and hardly use it... Oh well, I can only say that the seller did have bad pictures and now I have another container to depot.

My last package contained a Fusion Beauty Lip Fusion XL sample. I'm surprised at the size. It has 1.5 grams, where a MAC Dazzleglass contains 1.92 grams. Making it even better is that it was a freebie =) =) If you signed up for the Fusion Beauty Facebook page, there was a link for free samples. I don't believe they're doing this anymore, however their page is still worth a look for deals and such.

Please note that pictures are clickable. Cheers & enjoy =)

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MAC Dazzleglass Cremes Haul

Oh, for the love of sparkly glittery things, I had to get some Dazzleglass Cremes from MAC. These are limited edition releases available in 9 shades. I picked up seven, but I may go back for a backup of Sublime Shine and try out Soft Dazzle. I really like that these have a lot of pigmentation compared to regular Dazzleglass. With regular Dazzleglass, I had to apply another lipgloss or lipstick beneath to complete my lips. But being a girl on the go, sometimes I just need a well pigmented sparkly lipgloss. Dazzleglass fills that void of something more dazzling then your typical lipgloss.

I picked up Amorous, Totally Fab, Creme Allure, Do It Up, Luscious Spark, Sublime Shine and Perfectly Unordinary. They do remind me of the one and only Monogram Lipglass I picked up last year in Identity. I've worn Identity on its own quite regularily. It is very similar to Perfectly Unordinary, but a bit more yellow.

From left to right: Amorous, Totally Fab, Creme Allure, Do It Up, Luscious Spark, Sublime Shine, Perfectly Unordinary and Identity Monogram Lipglass.

My favorites of the bunch are Sublime Shine, Amorous, Luscious Spark and Creme Allure. I can't wait to lay a big kiss on my dearest BF tomorrow wearing Girl About town and Creme Allure. I know he's going to go nuts when he sees how beautifully pigmented his lips are afterward. Enjoy the pictures. They are clickable for higher resolution image.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chanel Noirs Obscurs Les Folie Noires Swatches

This Fall/Winter 2009, the trend has been for dark lips, dark eyes and dark nails. I love doing dark smokey eyes with a nude or pink lip. Being the shopaholic and cosmetaholic that I am, this month I got myself the Chanel Noirs Obscurs Les Folie Noires Quad Palette.The quad is quite different given the darkness of the shades compared to other Chanel quads. The quad features 4 shadows. It features a dark green, mahogany/burgundy, dark blue and purple.

On swatching dry, the colors come off as mostly a greyish black with a hint of the listed colors. On swatching with MAC Fix+, they do come out more vibrant. However, still not at the coloring I would go for. The black of the shadows were not truly black. They had this greyish tone to them that I did not expect. It made them look ashy, not something I'd ever expect from Chanel! They also had silver glitter in each shadow. I don't understand why they included it when there are lots of green glitter with the green shade, purple glitter with the purple shade, burgundy glitter with the burgundy shade and dark blue glitter with the dark purple shade. It was really something that I wouldn't expect from Chanel. I expected the colors to have a higher black intensity with purple, green, burgundy and blue.

To be fair and in an attempt to find a way to make it work, I tried it over all the bases I have. I used MAC Cream Color Base in Black, MAC Paint Pot in Blackground, MAC Paint Pot in Painterly, MAC Greasepaint Stick in Black, Medusa Stick-it, MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and Urban Decay Primer Potion. Overall, the nude bases didn't seem to do much for these shadows. Of the bases that I tried, I liked the way the shadows were over Greasepaint in Black, Cream Color Base in black and Fluidline in Blacktrack.

As for how to use this. I tried doing a foiled panda eye look with my MAC Greasepaint stick in black and it worked out well. Very bold and dramatic. Of course I wouldn't do this everyday says the practical part of me. The other look I did was a brown smoky eye using MAC Painterly Paint Pot, MAC Soft Brown as a lid color, Blanc Type for a highlight and the purple shade from the quad as a crease color. This I could probably see myself doing more so. I think with neutrals and being over a base, the grayish tone of the black and the little specks of silver glitter was less obvious.

Overall though, I wouldn't run down to the counter to pick up this quad. As pretty as it is in the pan, there are probably many other shadows you could pick up without the silver glitter and better blackness.

Now to the fun part. Below are swatch pictures of the Chanel Noirs Obscurs quad. My skintone is NC40/42 on my arm. Enjoy and let me know what you think! =)

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MAC Dsquared2 Haul

Boy do I love MAC, but it always bugs me when they have to release collections so soon after another. With the release of Dsquared2 at my local counter and a frantic call from a girlfriend, I had to pick up my haul. I got the much talked about Greasepaint Sticks in B and V, Feline Kohl Power Eye Pencil, Blood Red lipstick, Accentuate and Sculpt powder, and the 165 brush. I was really looking forward to more Feline and the 165 brush. I missed out on the 165 brush in the last release during the Blonde, Brunette and Redhead collection due to the much anticipated MAC Hello Kitty collection. With no further ado, here's my haul. Please note that pictures are clickable. Cheers & enjoy =)
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Zara Black Leather Over the Knee Boots

So yesterday at the mall I had to fulfill a craving for a pair of over the knee boots. After seeing Kim Kardashian wear her Report Signature Kane thigh high boots, I knew I had to find something similar. After looking through my local mall of 450 stores I found myself this gorgeous pair at Zara's. Beautiful black leather with an almond toe and 3 inch heel. Oh so wearable! I plan to wear these with some opaque black tights and a cozy sweaterdress this fall and winter.
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Zara Boots, MAC & the $ store

So today was an interesting day at the mall. I wandered over to the MAC counter at the Bay and low and behold was the beautiful Dsquared 2 Collection. I do enjoy early releases and an empty MAC counter with my fave MA Julie. I picked up the Greasepaint sticks in V and B, Feline Kohl Power Eyeliner, Blood Red lipstick, the 165 brush and Accentuate/Sculpt Sculpt & Shape Powder. My favorite item from this collection was Feline. It's such a gorgeous dark shade of black. It's not greyish or silverish like other black liners can be. Everyone should get one, but remember to use this with a light hand to prevent over smudging. You can always apply more to darken. My MA was wonderful today, she even invited me to a seminar on Saturday at the counter on how to easily change your daytime looks to evening.

Next up was thigh high boots. I was craving something like the Report Signature Kane Boots that Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing on her way home from NYFW. At the moment though, I was not interested in paying $475 USD plus shipping and tax to get them. A few weeks ago though, there was a pair at Zara's in gray or black. I headed over to Zara's and found them in my size in gray, no black. However, after having a sales associate look through the back, she found me a pair in black. At only $179 CAD, I grabbed them and didn't look back. =)

They are a stunning pair going to the knee with a fold over cuff that can be pulled upwards making them almost thigh high. They have an almond toe with a 3 inch heel. The almond toe is much like the pointy toe, but more subtle sexy for everyday. Kim's gorgeous boots run at 5 inches in heel height, where these babies are only 3 inches. Practical, yet still very gorgeous. Zara's shoes are fantastic. They're affordable, well made and fit the trends.

My last stop was the $ store where I found some glass vases for my growing brush collection. I got 3 that were 4 inches tall and 2 that were slightly shorter.

Pics of everything to follow! The weather is so crummy at the moment that any lighting I have would not be flattering for anything I'd take pictures of.

My First Post!

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen!
I have to say I am excited to begin this wonderful new creation. Those who know me well know that I love to shop. My mom has commented many times after a day of shopping that I shop too much, hence the handle shops2much. I love makeup, shoes, purses, clothes and a whole lot more. I am your typical girly girl. =)

Of late, my addiction has brought me to go crazy for all sorts of makeup. My current faves are from MAC, Chanel and NYX.