Monday, December 7, 2009

Volturi Twilight Gift Kit Pack Review & Swatches

I've been recently hooked into Twilight. I'm rapidly finishing reading Eclipse and have Breaking Dawn on hold at the library ready to be picked up shortly. I've also hauled a few of the Volturi Twilight Labyrinth Loose Eye Shadows that I was pleased that they turned out far better than I expected. While picking up Dawn Labyrinth Loose Eye Shadow, I also got the Volturi Twilight Gift Kit ($35CAD at London Drugs). It includes an eye shadow pallette, a lip gloss duo, black eye liner, all-over shimmer powder, fuchsia nail polish, black nail polish, blush brush and a sharpener.

The eye shadow palette includes 6 eye shadows: purple, black, blue, yellow, green and pink. The purple and black are matte finish, while the rest are frosty. All have low pigmentation and not something I would normally buy. A base is required to get these to show up. (I used Gosh Love That Beige as a base.) The purple and black are chalky, while the frosty shades are creamier. Over time, the colors become more muted and fade away. On one afternoon, I was wearing the green and purple. After 3 hours, the green had gone from a soft mint to a barely noticeable tinge of green.

The lip gloss duo includes a frosty nude pink and a frosty warm medium rose. Surprisingly these applied creamy and pigmented. Both are colors that I would be happy to wear. However they do have a very very sweet scent that can be a bit much.

The black eye liner is basic black eye liner. Nothing special. It has a harder tip compared to the NYX Eye Pencil in black. I was impressed by how pigmented it did apply. Although not as dark as MAC Feline, it is darker than my NYX Black Eye Pencil. As for staying power, there isn't much there. It disappears within a few hours of wear.

The nail polishes weren't bad at all. 2 coats with the black resulted in opaque coverage. 2 coats with the hot pink left a medium opaque coverage. The brushes of the nail polishes did have to be trimmed though due to some bristles that were longer than the rest.

The all over shimmer was interesting to look at in the pan. It was the one pieces that caught my eye the most at the store. Out of everything in the set, this is one of the better items. It reminds me of MAC Pink Opal pigment with the white and pink duochrome. The shimmer is also similar to MAC Strobe Cream. However, I find it is a bit light to use as an all over shimmer. Being an NC40, it creates a very pale cast to my skin that shimmers slightly, but is a bit odd. (Perhaps for that vampire glow?) In future, I would use this as a highlighter.

Overall, this set doesn't wow me over. I kind of wish I hadn't bought it since the only items I like are the all over shimmer, lip gloss duo and nail lacquers. The eye shadows are pretty in the pan, but are nothing compared to a decent eye shadow. eg. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Wet/Dry Eye Shadows. (Really love those, I got another shade recently ;) If you are a Twilight Fan, this may be what you are looking for.


  1. Hmmm.. based on the review this set wasn't really good quality? I guess they were just using the name and the hype from the Twilight series! I love all the books.. I finished all 4 in 2 weeks! lol, its crazy xx

  2. Out of everything I've gotten from Volturi Twilight, this has been the major disappointment. Even the Obsess lipgloss was better quality than this set! I love the books too. I'm almost done Eclipse and I have to pick up Breaking Dawn at the library this afternoon ;)