Monday, December 7, 2009

A Luxurious MAC Treat: MAC Baroque Boudoir Review & Swatches

First, I would like to apologize for my lack of postings lately. Things have been a bit crazy in my family for the last week, however they should return back to normal once my mom and my aunt touch down on Saturday. They will be pleased to get out of the snow drifts that are currently surrounding Edmonton. ;)

Now to the good stuff. :) In all of the craziness of the last week, I did pick up a few items from the MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection. (I always fit in retail therapy :p... I really need it this week!) I got the Sheer Mystery Powder in Medium Plus, Prive lipstick, Treasured lipstick, Preciousness lipglass and Lap of Luxury lipglass.

The Sheer Mystery Powder is a finely milled setting and touch up powder that provides light coverage. I notice that when I use this instead of MAC Select Sheer (loose or pressed), there is a slight sheen to my skin. It's not as obvious as an MSF. As well, the sheen is far less than Guerlain Meteorites.

Unlike MAC Select Sheer that is available in a range of shades, Sheer Mystery Powder is currently available in 2 shades. Unfortunately, if you don't match, you're out of luck. For myself, I chose Medium Plus as I did for the MAC Kitty Kouture compact and MAC Monogram compact. I average out to an NC40, going as light as NC37 in winter and as dark as NC42 in summer. Sorry, no swatch of this! It matches inside of my arm just perfectly and kind of disappears.

The compact itself is gorgeous. Mine is sitting atop my vanity to be admired when I do my makeup and it comes along with me when I go out. The damask print on the top of the compact is in black and is layered over top of a matte and shiny damask design. The underside of the compact is shiny enough to use as a mirror, as are the sides of the compact.

Prive and Treasured lipstick are creamy and well pigmented. In fact, they're so popular they are already sold out on the MAC Canada site. Hopefully, it will come back into stock for those who are still lemming. Prive is a creamy light blue pink with a bit of shimmer. Treasured is a warm neutral beige with a bit of shimmer.

Both colors are not unique, as I found many in my stash that were pretty close dupes. Prive is can be duped by MAC Angel. Lovelorn and Speed Dial would be perfect had they been lighter. Treasured is comparable to MAC Jubilee. Jubilee is a lustre, but is pretty pigmented compared to other lustre lipsticks. Style It Up is another close dupe, but it is not a permanent shade. It is also lighter than Treasured.

Preciousness and The Lap of Luxury were beauties in the tubes, but pretty meh on the lips. They were so sheer and provide mostly sheen. Layered over top of the co-ordinating lipsticks, they do look good. Preciousness is lightly frosted light pink. The Lap of Luxury is light pink with pink and white pearl. Both are easily dupable. I won't get into dupes because they're just light pink sheer shimmery glosses. I wish these were more like last years Monogram glosses (I still have Identity and Posh Life). Last years were very similar to MAC Dazzleglass Creme's more pigmented shades.

I chose not to get Baroque Boudoir lipstick, D'Nouveau lipglass and the clutch. Baroque Boudoir leaned a bit brown on me. D'Nouveau just made me think of how it would bleed through my lipline. Darker shades of lipgloss tend to do that on me when I don't use a lipliner. They didn't have the clutch at the MAC store I went to. Pictures of it online don't enthuse me enough to order it either. For the price ($78 CAD), I'll head to Forever 21 or Aldo Accessories and pocket the difference.

If I were more conscientious with my shopping, I would've gotten Treasured lipstick (I typically wear nude lips more than anything), The Lap of Luxury lipglass and the compact. However, you know what I got and the damage is done.

I really love the packaging of this collection because of the damask print that is all over the packaging. It is the same as the stencil I painted in my bathroom this past September. I really had no idea they would be doing a damask print until after I had finished painting. My bathroom is cream with gold, but the print is pretty close! I'm just missing the MAC logo down the middle ;)


  1. Oohh these are so pretty! I just love the packaging most lol. I'd love to get Prive, but its just so expensive for just a lipstick! Thank you for the swatches. Your bathroom wall looks really nice xx

  2. Thanks! Glad you like Prive. I agree, it's pretty expensive for just a lipstick. It's kind of why I stay away from truly higher end makeup (with occasional indulgences ;). My wall took a week to paint! But I love it and it happens to go with Baroque Boudoir :)