Monday, December 21, 2009

Knockout Cosmetics Pool Nail Polish Review & Swatches

Knockout Cosmetics Pool Nail Polish is a pretty shade of aqua blue in a flatte finish. Flatte is described as a no-shine look. ie. a matte. It retails for $21 CAD at Aritzia. It is also available stateside at Henri Bendel and Kitson LA. This nail polish is that it is cruelty free and is DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free.

This polish requires great care to apply evenly and requires time in-between to dry. Anything less can be a goopy mess! (& yes, I am speaking from experience ;) I had to clear out at least 3/4's of the polish on the brush itself before attempting to apply. It goes on relatively thick, dries to a thin and slightly sheer. Two coats is almost opaque. Three coats is completely opaque.

The color is gorgeous. It's what really drew me in. I had been on the hunt for a Chanel Jade dupe or comparable shade. (Seriously, there's just no way I am willing to pay Ebay prices for it.) I bought this one late afternoon when it was getting quite dark. It had looked more green at the time since I had put it over another polish I was wearing. Now I can see it is distinctly aqua and not at all pastel. In terms of a dupe in color, I'd go for LA Girl Flare NL89 ($3.80 at Forever 21), also known as Nirvana and Vinyl Record. (I wish they'd be more consistent with their naming!) Nirvana/Vinyl Record is not a matte though, but any matte top coat can fix that. ;)

Given that it is a matte finish a top coat is not required, although a base coat does help. After a few days wearing it, it does show tip wear and chips. Even though I change my nail color 2-3 times a week, it was frustrating to see so much wear so soon. Of course, this is due to a lack of a top coat. In addition, since it is a matte, this tends to show any marks and such. Unfortunately, I used to have gel nails, so the marks are visible (in particular in the close up thumbnail pic).

The bottle itself is unique and reminds me of old Hollywood glamour. The skinny long handle and scalloped shape are very pretty. It would look gorgeous sitting on a vanity with a marabou feather pouf and a gorgeous compact sitting beside it. However, the handle makes it slightly more unwieldy for application. I found myself often grabbing it close to the bottom of the handle (ie. closer to the brush) for greater control.

Honestly, I can't really recommend this nail polish. I could find a much better formula from OPI, China Glaze, LA Girl or Sally Hansen. The color is gorgeous and eye catching, but once again there are other nail polishes on the market that would probably due the trick at a less expensive price point. However, if you want a little luxe in your life, try it out. Maybe you'll like it more than me. :)

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