Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mail Time No. 5

This weeks mails didn't contain much of anything like last week. Until Friday rolled around and I got a nice big white envelope from LV. Inside contained the gorgeousness of "Les Contes De Louis Vuitton", the Louis Vuitton Christmas/Holiday Catalogue for 2009.

My favorite items from the catalog are the Courtney Multicolor bag, the Miniaudiere Tresor in embroidered python, Flocon coin purse in Monogram Vernis leather and the Neverfull bags. I love the Multicolor collections. One of my first Louis Vuitton's was the Multicolor Speedy in white. I still use it and adore it. This model seems to be similar in shape to the Speedy but with stud detailing down the side straps.

The Miniaudiere Tresor embroidered python clutch is a beauty that dreams are made of. Imagine, going to the theatre with this baby in your hands? Talk about bag envy ;)

The Flocon coin purse in Monogram Vernis leather makes the most adorable coin purse since the Heart Coin Purse. Alongside the Tambour Hologram Monogram Flacon makes holding your change seem like the most important thing ever. The snowflake reminds me of the annual Juicy Couture snowflake charms that I've collected over the years.

The complete opposite of an adorable coin purse is the Neverfull bags. With a large compartment and shoulder straps, it's the perfect every day bag. I intend to get one very soon. I am just undecided between the GM ($765 CAD) and MM ($715 CAD) models. I will probably get the GM since it's only $50 CAD more and will allow for hauling tons of things in it. My worry is the bag size and overwhelming my 5 foot tall frame. I must go play at the store and drool some more . ;) Enjoy the pics!


  1. im drooling at the first pic, oh my! how i wish i could get my hands on this bag.

  2. Isn't it gorgeous?? Am hoping for it one day, but it's $2510 CAD! *faints* Ok, maybe if I save up $200 a month, I could have it in just over a year.