Sunday, November 8, 2009

MAC Holiday Mischief Makers Soft Shenanigans & Frisky Business Review & Swatches

After checking these out on Temptalia, I thought I'd have a peak. Initially I thought I wouldn't get more MAC holiday items since I was waiting for the Baroque Boudoir collection releasing at the end of the month. I was leaning more towards the pigment sets, but not the lip gloss. However, yesterday when I swatched and saw, I was taken by Sexy Shenanigans and Frisky Business.

MAC Mischeif Makers: 5 Sexy Shenanigans Soft Mini Lipglass/Lustreglass set includes Elle, Poetic License and Cruise Control Lipglass, and Ensign and Morning Glory Lustreglass.

  • Elle is a sheer gold.
  • Poetic License is a creamy pinky nude. It's similar to MAC Plushglass in Wildly Lush, but pinker.
  • Cruise Control is a yellow pink with a bit of reflects gold and red glitter.
  • Ensign is a medium shade of yellow-pink with a frost finish.
  • Morning Glory is a lilac pink with silver pearl. Very similar to Bountiful Plushglass, but with a hint of lilac.

I love this set for all of the soft pinks. Creamy, sparkly and milky pinks. These plus a smokey eye = hotness!

MAC Mischeif Makers: 5 Frisky Business Bright Mini Lipglass/Lustreglass set includes Silly Girl, Totally It, and Beauté Lipglass and Pinkarat and Wonderstruck Lustreglass.

  • Silly Girl is a gorgeous orangey shade that I know will bring a bluish lipstick down to wearability for me. It's similar to New Spirit and Queen Bee, but more orange.
  • Totally It is a super bright hot pink. This plus Girl About Town will grab everyone's attention.
  • Beauté is a pinky coral.
  • Pinkarat is a medium shade of yellow pink with lots of reflects gold glitter.
  • Wonderstruck is a brighter version of Pinkarat with lots of reflects pearl.

I find the title a bit misleading, as it's not all about brights. The only one I find bright is Totally It! Otherwise, they're all really wearable for a medium skin tones. These shades are great for subtley brightening up a nude lipstick, brightening a complimentary lipstick or on their own for those lazy days.

Now I'm stocked for lipglass for awhile. I love that these are smaller sizes so I'm more likely to finish up the lipgloss before it goes bad. Happy shopping!
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  1. Ohh so pretty! These two sets are the ones I want! Thanks for swatches xx Livia

  2. Glad you like them Livia :) I didn't think I'd want the lipglass/lustreglass sets, but they were just too pretty to pass up. Plus, we always needs more lipgloss ;)