Monday, November 30, 2009

FOTD: Volturi Twilight Myth, Dusk & Dawn, MAC Nuance & Shimpagne

So I got a little hooked on to the Volturi Twilight Beauty Eye Shadows. They've wowed me for the amount of shimmer they produce over top of a good base. I ended up getting Dawn, a darkened champagne color. I'm surprised I didn't get it last time I was at London Drugs, but am more than happy I got it now.

This is just one way to work these colors, however it can be vamped up more by using Dusk from Volturi Twilight Beauty in the middle third of the lid rather than Myth and pushing Myth to the outer third of the lid. Just one thing about Dusk, it is described as "deep metallic eggplant" on the Twilight Beauty site, however I think it's more a darkened wine or burgundy. The other descriptions are accurate than that for Dusk.

I wore this look out to pick up my MAC Baroque Boudoir haul and was surprised when the MA complimented me right away. She was shocked when I told her it was from Volturi Twilight Beauty, but of course I had to tell her about the fall out issues with it given that they are loose mineral eye shadows.

As well, I would say this look is slightly more akin to the Volturi coven, however I need some color on my cheeks. :p

What I used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Gosh Waterproof Eye Shadow, Love That Beige
Volturi Twilight Labyrinth Loose Eye Shadow, Myth (metallic pewter/silver)
Volturi Twilight Labyrinth Loose Eye Shadow, Dusk (darkened wine/burgundy)
Volturi Twilight Labyrinth Loose Eye Shadow, Dawn (darkened champagne)
MAC Eye Shadow, Next To Nothing
MAC Kohl Power Eye Liner, Feline
MAC Plush Lash Mascara, Plushblack
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner, Corrupt

MAC Mineralize Blush, Nuance
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish, Shimpagne

MAC Lipglass, Nice Buzz

Prime lids with UDPP and allow to set. Apply Love That Beige, blend out edges with a MAC 217 or MAC 239 brush. Apply Next To Nothing to brow bone with a MAC 252 brush. Apply Dawn to inner third of lid, Myth to middle third of lid and Dusk to outer third of lid using a MAC 228 or MAC 239 brush. Apply and blend Dusk to crease and slightly above crease with a MAC 228 or MAC 226 brush. Blend out edges. Apply Dawn to inner third of lower lash line with the tip of the MAC 228 or a MAC 219. Line outer two thirds of lower lash line with Corrupt. Line upper and lower water lines with Feline. Apply Nuance to cheeks with a MAC 129 brush. Apply Shimpagne to nose, cheek bones, chin and forehead with a MAC 165 brush. Apply Nice Buzz.

Lippmann Collection Don't Tell Mama Nail Lacquer Review

I was so excited when I saw Lippmann Collection available at Murale in Vancouver, BC. One of the two bottles I got last weekend was Don't Tell Mama ($20 CAD). Don't Tell Mama is a gorgeous dark blue green with loads of frost. It makes me think of MAC Deep Blue Green Pigment and darkened just a bit. Sadly, it photographs almost black. I tried to adjust the lighting, white balance and color saturation, but it just didn't seem to want to be much more than black in the pictures.

Beyond the color, the nail lacquer formula itself is excellent. It's not too thin, applies evenly and drys fast. My only cons are that it does chip easily after 3 days, even with good old OPI Start to Finish Base & Top Coat. In any case, I still like it lots and can hardly wait to get more Lippmann Nail Lacquers. Next on my wish list? Happy Birthday of course! :D

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

FOTD: Volturi Twilight Lover, Beloved & Obsess Lip Gloss

This is a nice wearable look that I did using the Volturi Twilight Labyrinth Loose Eye Shadows in Beloved and Lover. As well I used Volturi Twilight Enrapture Lip Gloss in Obsess (lip products always look so different in action than swatched ;). I'm still not in love with the lipgloss. The more I use it, the more I don't think it's worth $14 CAD.

This is the complete opposite of what the Volturi would wear, but maybe Jessica? Oh well, it's not inspired by any particular character, but just one way to use the makeup from Volturi Twilight.

Gosh Cosmetics Waterproof Eye Shadow, Love That Beige
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil, Strawberry Milk
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil, Lavendar
MAC Eye Shadow, Dreammaker (frosty light yellow gold)
MAC Eye Shadow, Blanc Type (creamy light beige)
Volturi Twilight Labyrinth Loose Eye Shadow, Beloved (frosty cool pink)
Volturi Twilight Labyrinth Loose Eye Shadow, Lover (frosty cool light purple)
MAC Pigment, Push The Edge (dark deep purple with pearl)
MAC Fluidline, Blacktrack
Coastal Scents Gel Liner, Grape Vine
MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara

MAC Satin Blush, Fleur Power

Volturi Twilight Enrapture Lip Gloss, Obsess

Directions: Apply Love That Beige to lids, blend the edges out with a MAC 239 or your finger. Apply Lavender to outer third of lid. Apply Strawberry Milk to inner third and middle third of lid. Apply Beloved to middle third of lid with a MAC 239. Apply Lover to outer third of lid with a MAC 228. Apply Dreammaker to inner third of lid with a MAC 228. Apply lover above crease with a MAC 239 brush. Define crease and lower lash line with Push The Edge and MAC 219. Apply Blanc Type to brow bone with MAC 252. Blend out harsh lines. Tightline upper lashline with Blacktrack and a MAC 212 brush. Apply Grape Vine to lower waterline with a MAC 212 brush. Curl lashes, apply mascara. Apply Fleur Power to cheeks with a MAC 129. Apply Obsess with a MAC 316 brush.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Murale at Oakridge Center

Just a heads up for all the Vancouver shopaholics, Oakridge Center now has Murale. I just got back from there today. It's a beautiful store filled with all things beauty. Stila, Lippman Collection, Bobbi Brown, Molton Brown, Gosh Cosmetics, Chanel, Estee Lauder, NARS, Smashbox, Benefit, Cargo, Ojon, Fekkai, Oscar Blandi, Guerlain, Clarins, Shiseido.... this list of brands they carry is amazing. =)

Besides the many brands they carry, Murale has a points system redeemable towards purchase. ie. money off. Murale is also associated with Shoppers Drug Mart. Shoppers Drug Mart has always been a go to drug store, especially during bonus points events. What's not to love about shopping where they make it even faster to get the rewards?

Of course I picked up a few items for myself. Sorry, no pictures at the moment, but they will be soon to come with product reviews. I got Stila Smudge Pot in Kitten, Lippman Collection Nail Lacquer in Don't Tell Mama and Dream a Little Dream of Me. They were having a promotion when buying two bottles of Lippman Collection nail lacquer, you get a free bottle of It's Raining Men.

I hope you get to walk through Murale, it will surely get you to add something to your holiday wish list. :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Volturi Twilight Cosmetics Labyrinth Loose Eye Shadow & Enrapture Lip Gloss Review & Swatches

Volturi Twilight cosmetics is a new release into the cosmetic world for all the Twilight Saga lovers. Being a cosmetic junkie and avid reader, I figured these would be worth a look while at London Drugs yesterday.

Volturi Twilight cosmetics features Enrapture Sheer Lip Gloss, Labyrinth Loose Eye Shadow, Foreshadow Eyelid Primer, Crown Metallic Mascara, Immortal Liquid Body Shimmer and Reign Scented Body Mist. From what I can see on the Twilight Beauty website, there is also a DuWop Twilight Lip Venom that the London Drugs Cosmetics department did not have. However, I did see the DuWop Twilight Lip Venom ($18 CAD) at Sephora.

I was able to try out most of the products, but testers were not available for all body mists and body shimmers. To begin with, I picked up Enrapture Sheer Lip Gloss in Obsess ( 0.07 oz 2.0 grams, $14.00 CAD). What drew me most towards it was the hot pink shade and pink shimmer laced through it. On swatching though, it is a very sheer pink with a bit of shimmer. On the lips it is much the same. It has a sugary sweet candy fragrance, kind of like cotton candy.

In store I was able to swatch the second shade of Enrapture, called Arsenic. Arsenic appears black with silver and gold shimmer through it. Swatched on skin, it's an ultra sheer black with gold shimmer. Compared to the three MAC Style Black Glimmerglass, Glimmerglass swatches much more pigmented than Arsenic. I passed on Arsenic since I don't tend to reach for a black lip gloss. I would much rather use MAC Black Knight lipstick or MAC Black Cream Color Base and mix with a sheer lip gloss for a similar effect.

I also picked up Volturi Twilight Loose Eye Shadow in Myth, Dusk, Lover and Beloved. Myth is a metallic silver gray. Dusk is a metallic dark maroon. Beloved is a frosty light pink. Lover is metallic medium pinky purple. I wore Myth and Dusk yesterday over Painterly Paint Pot as a test run on wear time and found these have fall out issues. I also tried these over Medusa Stick-It Primer, which is similar to the Volturi Twilight Foreshadow Eyelid Primer that I had swatched in store. Over the Medusa primer, the colors do appear brighter, adhere to the skin much better and have little to no fallout.

Other items I saw and tried in store were Crown Metallic Mascara, Immortal Liquid Body Shimmer and Reign Scented Body Mist. The mascara is available in 3 shades: Black Knight, Royal Blue and Silver-Plated. This didn't draw me in due to the large size of the brush head. I already find the MAC Zoom Fast Black Mascara large, what more of this.

Immortal Liquid Body Shimmer in Black Magic jumped out at me as something I wanted to get. In the tube it appears to be a black liquid with suspended gold shimmer. Swatched on the skin, it is a very sheer matte black with gold shimmer. The texture reminded me of Sephora Smoothing Primer and MAC Matte. While as unique as this product was, I don't believe I would be able to use this so I didn't buy it. Immortal Liquid body Shimmer is also available in Tainted Love. They didn't have a tester of this at London Drugs, so I didn't get to try it out.

Reign Scented Body Mist is available in 4 scents: Forbidden Fruit (woodsy fresh and fruity), Bella (warm, delicate vanilla), Wicked (Spicy cinnamon delight) and Romance (Fresh flowers). I was able to try out Forbidden Fruit. I found it smelled like a sweet apple at first, but faded down to licorice. Unfortunately, the three other scents were not available to sample.

For the price, these items don't really make me want to get more. The Enrapture lipgloss is less than half the size of a MAC lipglass and is nearly the same price. The packaging is a cute clear container with the Volturi crescent and fence printed on the front. However, I'm not a fan of pan style lip gloss. I am not really the type to stick my fingers into this to apply it. I know I'd have bring a lip brush, not really something I'd do on a regular basis.

The Labyrinth Loose Eye Shadows are pretty, but I tend to find loose shadows can be hard to work with. I'm a bit of a klutz and have seen many a loose eye shadow on the floor with a giant mess. I will probably end up pressing them into pans and putting them in a palette very soon so I don't have to worry about it so much. The eye shadows are priced well. They contain a good amount at 2.3 grams for $10 CAD compared to Medusa Eye Dusts at 1.5 grams for $8 CAD.

I hope this helps for all the Twilight Saga lovers and cosmetic junkies looking into the line. I'm hoping to get my hands on a tube of DuWop Twilight Venom soon on my next trip to Sephora. Hope it's there, so wish me luck! =)


Jimmy Choo for H&M Launch

Sigh, what a day of shopping I had last Saturday! I vowed to get my shoeaholic butt in to H&M for the Jimmy Choo launch and so did many many other girls. From chatting with several other girls, I found out that some had even camped out the day before or arrived bright and early the morning of. Seriously, I wanted some Jimmy Choo's, but I wasn't about to camp out in downtown when it was 0 degrees Celsius outside.

I arrived at a sensible 9:30am. Unfortunately, I was no where near the first 160 to receive a bracelet to shop the collection before the general public. I waited, waited and waited. I wasn't going to get in to the special shopping area until much later. So, In the mean time I was able to pick up a few Jimmy Choo for H&M men's items for my BF. I got him a classic black leather belt, white dress shirt and leather wallet. They also had suits for $249 CAD, basic white t-shirts, shoes and classic v-neck sweaters. These pieces were classic and didn't really make me think trendy. I don't think this would be a problem, but will make the pieces easier to mix with any mans wardrobe.

I waited around the change rooms prior to waiting for the shoe line. I was able to score a black faux furry vest and black leggings. The leggings were pricey for leggings at $59.95 CAD, however they are thick and stretchy. Just what I need for winter! The furry vest is cropped and will be great for layering. I'm thinking of using it layered over my Forever 21 faux leather blazer, a tunic top and the black leggings.

Finally around 2 pm and waiting around the changing rooms for others offloads, I got to peruse the shoes with a H&M shopper who gathered my haul. All that was left for shoes was the sequin and beaded boots and size 9's for the heels. However, after a quick scan, I spotted 2 lonely pairs of size 37's. They were black platform studded sandals and fit perfectly. They weren't the style I was after. I had wanted the cage sandals in black or blue or the over the knee boots. They were long gone, but the platform Jimmy Choo's are mine. ;)

Items I would have liked to get were the zebra clutch, studded leather purse, black leather cross body bag and a few of the clothing items. I had my eyes on the black leather dress, sequin tunic top and a black studded handbag. Sadly, not for me. Gone with those who hauled 5 bags of goodies. I wished they would've shared!

At the end of the day, there were still some items left. The pink clutch, lots of chain bracelets, chain necklaces and mesh earrings were still available, along with a few blue suede dresses. Personally, a lot of things that I wasn't feeling.

So my friends, I hope you got a chance to get in on Jimmy Choo for H&M! In any case, enjoy the pictures :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Small Brushes for Small Lids: MAC 228 Small Shader Brush & Sephora Professionnel Platinum Small Shader Brush #17

One of the first items I dropped into my Sephora basket at the Sephora VIB sale was the Sephora Professionnel Platinum Small Shader Brush #17. I admit, I'm Asian. Filipina with some Spanish, but I'm also 1/8th Chinese. Given my ethnicity, I'm blessed with not so big eyes and a small eyelid to work on. Doing precise work can be tricky with my good old MAC 239 brush. It works most of the time, but doing the inner corner and outer corner can be a bit tricky. I had picked up the MAC 228, which I adored for it's size. However, I did need an extra brush to easily switch between lighter and darker colors.

The Sephora Professionel Platinum Small Shader Brush is just what I needed for my small lids. It packs on shadow just as well as a MAC 239 and MAC 228. It is narrower than a MAC 239, making it perfect for applying eye shadow to the inner corner and the outer corner of the lid, as well as anywhere else I need to apply eye shadow. The fibers are natural, lending to the brushes softness. Yet they are firm, making for easy application of powder eye shadow. It performs just as well as a MAC 228 brush.

The MAC 228 Mini Shader Brush is roughly the same size as a Sephora Professionel Platinum Small Shader Brush #17, both in width of the brush head and length of the handle. The fibers are natural, hand made and soft to touch, yet firm when pushed down on. I find it works well for applying powder eye shadow and makes blending shadows easier.

The small size of both the Sephora #17 and MAC 228 prevent me from over blending. Due to the size of the MAC 239, I often find myself over blending, resulting in a muddy effect between two eye shadows. Small shader brushes allow me to see my lid more and prevent the muddiness.

Having two small shader brushes is a bit overkill for some. However, I like that I have two because I can more readily switch from one eyeshadow to another. Sometimes switching from one side of the brush to the other side can work. But depending on the shadow, they may just make it to the other side with out my knowledge. It's utter frustration and time consuming for me when I end up with color transfer and don't realize it until it reaches my lids.

So if you're looking for a new shader brush and have smaller lids, you may want to consider looking into a small shader brush. The MAC 228 Mini Shader Brush and the Sephora Professionel Platinum Small Shader Brush #17 are great options.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Clarisonic MIA Arrival & First Impressions

My Clarisonic MIA arrived! Yippee!!! I was overjoyed last Monday morning when the mailman buzzed me to tell me that a parcel awaited in the lobby. To my delight it was from The Shopping Channel.

In my congested and sick state, I couldn't help but jump up and down once I got to open it up. The Clarisonic MIA was packaged with a plastic mailing envelope from The Shopping Channel then boxed up with 2 smaller boxes inside. The smaller of the two included a replacement brush head for normal skin, Refreshing Gel Cleanser for normal/oily skin and Nourishing Care Cleanser for normal/dry skin. The larger box included the MIA, pLink charger and Gentle Hydro Cleanser for all/sensitive skin. All cleansers are 30 mL 1 oz.

I had to wait one more day to finally get to use it since it must be charged for 24 hours prior to first use. However, I still had to blog about this since I was so excited to get it. I'm still a little bummed because it's not pink, but white will do.

The first use was a little odd at first. Mostly because it was a brand new experience for me! It vibrates and rubs gently against the skin. After one use, I did notice the blackheads across my nose were disappearing. Yeah! I also noticed that my t-zone felt oilier within a few hours. This may have been because I had used too much pressure on my skin, stimulating oil production. With less pressure, this problem seemed to stop.

I still have yet to try out the various cleansers that were included in the package. As well, I have yet to experience any long term results since I've only had it for less than a week. Until the full review, enjoy the product pictures :)
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Sephora VIB Sale Haul

Wow, what a weekend of shopping :) I've been terribly M.I.A. on the blog due to multiple shopping trips that ate my time and my wallet. The first wallet draining activity was the oh so wonderful Sephora VIB Sale. VIB's are 'very important beauty insiders' who've enough Sephora goodies to qualify. I had been going nuts with Sephora opening up in my area, so it didn't take me long to qualify. ;)

I picked up the following:

Clarisonic Sensitive Skin Replacement Brush Head. It's the same as the one that was included with the MIA from The Shopping Channel. I felt it was working well so far, so I figured to stay on with it.

Makeup For Ever 9 and 92 eye shadows. Purple eye shadows :) Love, love, love!

Sephora Platinum #21 Brow Comb. I got this as an alternative to seperating my lashes with a MAC 205. Some thicker mascara's I've used have challenged the 205 a bit much (specifically MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara).

Sephora Heated Eye Lash Curler. My old Japonesque Heated Eye Lash Curler has just about had its time. After much cleaning and dropping it on its head on wood flooring, the head is a bit wobbly. A heated eye lash curler is necessary for me when I use a heavier mascara.

Sephora Platinum # 17 Brush. It is a small shader brush, most similar to the MAC 228 brush and a travel size Japonesque mini shader brush. I've only used this a few time so far, but it seems to work well for detailing the inner and outer corner of my lids.

Kat Von D True Love Palette. Purple and neutrals unite! The finish of each eye shadow was calling me once I swatched. Did I mention the packaging? Pretty gorgeous!

Dior Diorshow Lash Essentials. It includes travel size Diorshow Mascara, Diorshow Black Out Mascara and a full size Diorshow Iconic Mascara. At only a few dollars more than the Iconic mascara sold solo, I figured this would set me up for mascara's for at least 6 months. I do adore Diorshow, I just find the price a little steep for mascara. (Oops, forgot a picture of this!)

NARS Multiple Set. This includes Orgasm, Copacabana and South Beach. I have never tried used a NARS Multiple before, so I'm hoping this will be a nice entry into the world of Multiple's. ;) In the 3 times I've used this it since purchasing, they make for a lovely base for blush.

NARS Mekong Single Eye Shadow. I like NARS blushes, since a little goes a long way. The richness of this eye shadow in a dark warm brown with little bits of glitter captured my heart.

NARS Christina Lipstick. It's my name on a beautiful medium-dark raspberry gold lipstick. Sold!

Finally, for free I got the Kat Von D Rock n Roll Eyeshadow Palette. It includes Believer, Confessional, Groupie, and Motorhead. All are in a 'glitter/pearl combo'.

Thank you Sephora for 20% off! =)

Enjoy the product pictures and swatches my friends. :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Attention All Sephora VIB's! 20% off Email!

Wahoo!! If you are a Sephora VIB you may have found a wonderful email with an in-store coupon for 20% off! :) According to the email, there will be a shopping event from 6 to 9 pm on Friday November 13, 2009 where a VIB and a friend can receive 20% off. Directly from the email:

"Offer limited to Sephora V.I.B.'s only. Voucher must be presented at time of redemption when used in store by the V.I.B. Exclusive V.I.B. shopping event in Sephora stores only and will take place from 6:00PM to 9:00PM on November 13, 2009. In the event the V.I.B. does not attend the exclusive V.I.B. shopping event on November 13, the voucher may be used all day on either November 12, 13, 14, and 15, 2009, in Sephora stores, referenced in these terms. V.I.B. friend offer is only valid at the exclusive V.I.B. shopping event on November 13, 2009, and is limited to one friend per V.I.B. V.I.B. friend discount is limited to a single purchase transaction by the V.I.B. friend. No minimum purchase required. May not be combined with any other offers. May not be sold or otherwise transferred. Coupon has no cash value and may not be altered. Learn more about the V.I.B. program at any Sephora store. "

So Sephora VIB's, check your emails! :) I know I'm going to use it tomorrow (attempt to avoid the crowds), even if I'm coughing and hacking up a storm from this gross flu. ;)

Monday, November 9, 2009

FOTD: Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Flower Girl, Violet Femme & Plum Crazy

This is a simple look I did last week with a few Victoria's Secret items I had in my makeup stash. I was going to work and didn't want to look too done up. These color made me happy on a gloomy rainy day. I kept the brow highlighter as a matte to contrast the shimmer of the eye shadows. If I were wearing this combo for night, I would use Flower Girl Eye Shadow as a brow bone highligher and a black liquid liner for drama.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Paint Pot, Painterly
MAC Eye Shadow, Blanc Type
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Wet/Dry Eye Shadow, Flower Girl
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Wet/Dry Eye Shadow, Violet Femme
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Wet/Dry Eye Shadow, Plum Crazy
MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil, Feline
MAC Dazzlelash mascara, Black Dazzle
Benefit Browzing, dark

MAC Select SPF 15 Foundation, NC40
MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer, NW35
MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer, NC30
MAC Select Loose Powder, NC30

Victoria's Secret Mosaic Blush, Afterglow

MAC Cremestick Pearl Liner, Plum Royale
Victoria's Secret Perfect Lipstick, VIP

Apply a small amount of Urban Decay Primer Potion to lids, let set. Apply a layer of MAC Painterly Paint Pot with a MAC 249 or 242 brush and blend out the edges. Apply MAC Blanc Type Eye Shadow to brow bone with a MAC 252 brush. Apply Flower Girl to inner third of lid with a MAC 239, Violet Femme to remainder of lid with a MAC 239 and Plum Crazy to outer corner of lid with a MAC 219. Work Violet Femme into crease and above crease with a MAC 226. Define crease with Plum Crazy using a MAC 219. Blend out harsh lines using a MAC 217, 224 or 222.

Apply foundation, concealer and powder as desired. Brush and define eye brows. Fill in with Benefit Browzing. Waterline upper and lower lashes with Feline. Curl lashes and apply mascara. Apply Afterglow to cheeks with MAC 129 brush. Line lips with Plum Royale and apply VIP lipstick.

Enjoy the pics! Don't you love the name of the lipstick?!? I thought it was funny when I got it as part of a set that Victoria's Secret had on special. ;)

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Wet/ Dry Shadow Review & Swatches

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Wet/Dry Eyeshadows are little pots of baked eye shadow with an impressive amount of pigmentation and versatililty. According to Victoria's Secret, they are " A rich kick of color for eyes! Soft pearl shadow delivers buildable color with subtle shimmer. For added intensity, apply with a wet brush... "

A little while ago, I bought 5 of these eye shadows at a La Senza in my area. They were on sale for 5 for $10 CAD, rather than the usual 5 for $20 CAD, or $7 CAD each . At the same location, they had the Beauty Rush body drink lotions, glimmer swirl cream, body double mist for 4 for $20 as well. Of course I got some of those too. ;)

I bought Gold Rush, Bronzinger, Plum Crazy, Violet Femme and Flower Girl.

  • Gold Rush is a pale light gold with gold shimmer
  • Bronzinger is a dark brown with gold and bronze shimmer
  • Plum Crazy is a dark purple with purple and pink shimmer
  • Violet Femme is a light purple with silver shimmer and silver glitter
  • Flower Girl is light pink that's a bit lilac with silver shimmer
Out of all the colors, Plum Crazy jumped out at me first. It reminds me of Push the Edge from MAC's Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection. Violet Femme impressed me the least with silver glitter fallout. It wasn't terrible to the point where I'd never use it, but I would do my under eye concealer after cleaning up the fallout. Flower Girl surprised me with how pretty it was. I thought it would be too cool for me the way most pinks are, but used together with Violet Femme and Plum Crazy made a beautiful eye combo. (Yes, a FOTD is coming up shortly. Thankfully done prior to getting sick :) Gold Rush & Bronzinger also made a slightly shimmery and chic neutral eye.

I tried wearing these without a base and found they weren't so hot and didn't last long. (I tried it out for 4-5 hours over lunch and some shopping.) However over trusty MAC Painterly Paint Pot and Urban Decay Primer Potion, they came alive! ^-^ The shimmer and pigmentation lasted all through an 8 hour work day and then some until I used some eye makeup remover to take it off. As well, I really like that these shadows can be layered, allowing for easier blending and control of pigmentation.

Did I mention these are a steal? They're definitely worth a shot if you're able to get them on the 5 for $10 sale. At the 5 for $20 pricing, it's not bad either. My only complaint is that not every location has all of the colors available and most locations do not have testers for these. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Wet/Dry Shadow's are available at La Senza locations across Canada and Victoria's Secret in the USA (however pricing in the USA may differ from La Senza).
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