Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yummy Treats from Sephora

At the end of a long and stressful day yesterday, I ventured off into Sephora to go hunt down a few goodies I'd been craving. After seeing Temptalia's review of Philosophy's Peppermint Hot Cocoa shampoo, shower gell and bubble bath, I had to check it out. The scent of it is amazing, truly like a peppermint hot cocoa. With the holidays coming down the road, this was going to get me more into holiday mode.

I've been such a nailpolish fiend lately. As soon as I saw Sephora by OPI Worth My Weight nail color, I had to grab it. It has beautiful gold and holographic glitter ranging from fine to chunky size. I find the coverage to be slightly sheer with one coat, but with 3 coats, is opaque. I love it! I think I may do a pedicure later to match my gold shoes. (Here's a pic of those too) :)

Lastly, I got Sephora by OPI Absinthe Makes The Heart. It's a greenish black with fine green glitter. In the tube, it looks like it belongs to the MAC Style Black collection, but less black. This goes on sheer, but builds up really well. It is not as dark as Seriously Hip or Baby Goth Girl, it actually looks more green. It reminds me of MAC Deep Blue Green Pigment, one of my favorite things in my stash.

I'm finding I'm loving Sephora by OPI Nail Color. There's such a huge variety and they apply smoothly, even with the glittery nail polishes.

Enjoy the pictures!


  1. I saw Absinthe Makes the Heart the other day and loved it but decided to wait on it. Now I am definitely getting it, I love dark green nail polishes.

  2. It's really nice, not glittery chunky. Unlike MAC Beyond Jealous that looks almost black from afar, this is distinctively green.

  3. What gorgeous polishes!! The Sephora by OPI lineup has some very unique shades, but I just can't force myself to splurge on them -- I never wear polish on my nails, and with sandal-weather only taking up three months of the year (if we're lucky!) I just can't justify spending a lot on polish.

    But a girl can wish :P

  4. The Sephora by OPI line is great, I highly suggest trying at least one. ;)

    Yea, being in Canada, we don't get much sandal weather. It's funny that once February or March rolls around and we get a teeny bit of sun, people start wearing shorts and flip flops. But it's still 8 Celsius!