Monday, October 26, 2009

Urban Decay 24/7 Liners Super Stash Review & Swatches

Since I got the Urban Decay Book of Shadows II, I had to pick up the Super Stash. It includes 9 mini size liners, including the popular Zero. Each measures approximately 2.25 inches long. This retails for $43 CAD ($36 USD).
I love colored liners, they can really add a bit of spice to a simple look. I don't tend to use colored liners every day, so the shorter size is perfect for me.

What's included:
  • Zero is black.
  • Oil Slick is black with silver glitter. It is similar to MAC Black Russian Pearlglide Liner.
  • Corrupt is dark brown. It's darker than Bourbon.
  • Eldorado is gold
  • Graffiti is emerald green.
  • Binge is dark blue, similar to MAC Fly by Blu Pearlglide Liner.
  • Ransom is medium purple, similar to MAC Parfait Amour.
  • Rockstar is dark purple.
  • Stash is dark antique golden green.
I can see myself using these on the lower lash line, but not in the water line due to the glitter in some. I would use these on the upper lash line too, perhaps layered with a glittery eye liner to up the glitter factor. Each liner applies smoothly and evenly. They don't skip or feel dry. The mix of liners in this set is great if you want something beyond black, but don't want to get the full size. Everything is a go for me on these!

For your viewing pleasure, I've swatched each liner. Pictures are taken on macro mode, natural lighting, on auto-white balance and on NC40 skintone. Pictures are clickable for a larger image. Enjoy! :)


  1. Can't wait to pick this up. I have the full size Bourbon and I love it. Good thing in this set there are colours that I would wear and like. It saves me some $$$ from getting the full sized ones!

  2. Yup, it's a bit of savings on this set. Full size 24/7's are $21 CAD for 0.04oz, where this set is $42 CAD for 0.18oz. Basically for $1 CAD more, you get more colors and 0.10 oz more product. They are selling fast though, I'd get one soon!

  3. Again, thanks for the swatches! I really like this set, I might be getting it through a friend who's going to travel to the US in a couple of weeks. Excited is not enough!

  4. Oh you're going to love it Marce! It's such an awesome set. :)