Wednesday, October 14, 2009

MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Review

Above: MAC Zoom Lash Zoom Black and MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara

MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash is MAC's newest mascara. It is currently available at your local MAC counter for $15.50 CAD. MAC describes it as follows: "Our newest mascara designed for voluptuous night-sky volume, length like a glamorous, never-ending asphalt highway! Day or night, sweep it on...a second coat before twilight will make the evening all the more exciting. It's intense. Fast. And blacker than black. Zoom!" and "An intensely rich, deep, carbon black mascara that instantly combs and lifts the lashes for incredible volume and length. A deeper, darker version of the popular Zoom Lash Zoomblack shade." According to Cosmetosaur, it contains silica to add volume and length.

When I heard about this, I thought this might be interesting to try out on my thin Asian lashes. I usually look for a mascara that is relatively light-weight, very black and provides some volume. I prefer a light-weight mascara because most heavier mascara's tend to straighten the curl that I get from a basic eyelash curler. I consider volume a bonus if my lashes don't end up going straight after applying the mascara.

Above: No mascara

Above: My thin lashes. No mascara.

My first impressions of the mascara prior to trying it were:
1. The brush is exactly the same as the original Zoom Lash. It reminds me of a very thin Christmas tree.
2. The color is definitely darker than the original Zoom Black. Yeah! =)
3. It does have a faint rose scent that disappears after a few minutes.

On trying it though, there were a few issues. I find that the brush is a bit long for my liking (although this is what I found with the original as well). I usually start from the outside of my lashes, then work inwards. With this mascara, I find I have to start from the inside of my lashes and move out due to the length of the brush. I find that the brush can be a little unwieldy, so you can end up with mascara everywhere. However, this formula only needs 2 coats at most to increase volume. More than that can be a clumpy mess. My lashes went straight almost immediately after application. My guess is that the silica probably contributes it to be a heavier formula and makes it prone to clumping.

Now, its not all bad for this mascara. See the pictures below where I used 2 coats of Zoom Fast Black Lash, then combed through with a MAC 205 Mascara Fan Brush and curled with a Japonesque Heated Mini-Eyelash Curler.

Above: MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara, 2 coats

Above: MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash, 2 coats

I really like the results I achieved (& I hope everyone else does too). It made my lashes look great and still feel good. Unlike some formula's that make my lashes dry and flaky once touched, this left my lashes feel soft. After 12 hours of wear, they still look great.

Overall, I think I'd use this for when I'm heading out for the evening or when I have a lot of time to do my makeup. The extra time I need to get the mascara to work for me is not something I want to do everyday. With most mascara's I don't generally need to use the MAC 205 brush, but this one really needed it. As well, the wand must be worked through slowly to reach the teeny tiny lashes. A basic swipe through just doesn't cut it. I did this a few times and I'd end up with half-covered lashes. Using the original formula, I could easily put more than 2 coats if I missed a spot. But the old formula didn't provide much volume. :( If you're looking for a mascara that volumizes, lengthens and is very black, MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash is definitely worth a try. I think I will repurchase this one in the future.

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