Saturday, October 3, 2009

MAC Style Black Haul

Heheh, so in all of my posting madness, I failed to post my initial Style Black haul. I picked up the Greasepaint Stick in Black, Baby Goth Girl nail lacquer, Seriously Hip nail lacquer, Young Punk mineralized eye shadow (MES), Cinderfella MES, Gilt By Association MES, Blue Flame MES, Bling Black Glimmerglass, Blackfire Glimmerglass, Volcanic Ash Exfoliator (VAE) and Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask (VATM).

I really love VAE and VATM. Just one use of each made me go wow. I picked up 2 more of each at the store, then more online so others could pick it up in store. In any case, I think I have enough for awhile. It's truly fabulous and is probably the best part of the collection.

Second favorite was probably the nail lacquer. I was known as the Nailpolish Queen back in high school. I used to have many bottles of nail polish in my locker to do my nails over the lunch hour. My girlfriend's would come around and we would chat, have lunch and do our nails. The nail lacquer reminded me of a few dark colors I had from back in the day that have since gone past their time into clumpy nail polish oblivion. I used Baby Goth Girl on my nails as soon as I got it. It truly had me mesmerized.

I failed on a second point. I hauled more from Style Black, but didn't take pictures of them. In any case, I got Black Knight lipstick, Black Cream Color Base, Night Violet Mattene, more VAE and VATM. Now please enjoy the pics and excuse me while I scrub up with my VAE and relax with VATM. ;) Please note that pictures are clickable.

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