Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MAC Playboy Glitter Cream Swatch & Other MAC oldies

More swatch pictures of my MAC collection, this time mostly retro. These products date back from roughly 2001-2003. Yup, I've been a MAC Addict for awhile. ;) For your viewing pleasure I have Penny Glitter Gel, Twinkle All Over Lacquer, Fantastical All Over Gloss and Playboy Pinkmate Glitter Cream. All items are discontinued.

Twinkle All Over Lacquer is a clear gel non-sticky gel with gold glitter. Twinkle cames in a tube kind of like the old Lacquer tubes from way back. I like to think of it as the original Dazzleglass, but more multi-purpose since they can be used anywhere.

Penny Glitter Gel is a thick gel with copper glitter. It comes in a tub, much like the older edition of Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. The glitter is chunky and very obvious.

Fantastical All Over Gloss is a pinky peach pearl gel. It is very pigmented and makes an awesome glossy eye. I'd also use this as a lipgloss or highlighter. It's so versatile, it's too bad they don't make it anymore. It is thankfully very similar to Shell Cream Color Base, but Shell is a lot thicker and frostier. I would mix Shell with some clear Gloss to get a similar texture.

Lastly, I have the Playboy Playmate Pink Glitter Cream. It is a lot pinker than Shell, but similar texture and frost. It's a nice shade of pink that's really wearable. I've used it with some lipglass in the past for a cute pink lip.

There we have a small portion of my MAC collection. Please note that pictures are clickable. Cheers & enjoy =)
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