Thursday, October 15, 2009

MAC Magic, Mirth, Mischief Review & Haul

Today was the launch of MAC's newest holiday collection Magic, Mirth, and Mischief. I stopped by the MAC counter yesterday where they had on display the holiday palettes and sets to preview, but no color collection. In any case, I was pleased with what I saw today. For details on this collection, please see Temptalia.

MAC released 3 brand new lipsticks: Surprise Me (Lustre), Utter Fun (Lustre) and Total Wow! (Glaze) They also repromoted Pervette which is permanent to the regular line. I passed on Pervette since it is permanent, if I really want it I can get it in a few months. Surprise Me was a neutral peach color with a bit of golden shimmer. However, being a Lustre formula, it applied sheerly and didn't show up very well on me at all. Utter Fun said, "Buy me!!!" It is a lot like so many of my other fuschia and hot pink lipsticks. It does kinda remind me of Big Bow, but more pigmented and without the blue cast. Comparison pictures are below. Total Wow! really didn't wow me, it was just too sheer. It did remind me of Most Popular but not as dark.

The Mineralized Eyeshadows looked gorgeous at first and made me go O_O. I really thought I'd get at least one of these, but the second color of each shadow was just a glittery hot mess. I really couldn't justify picking any up when I wouldn't use at least 1/3 of it. I did swatch Blue Sorcery and it looked gorgeous, but the glitter just made me say no. It reminded me of an Urban Decay eyeshadow I used to own, but never got to wore.

The Dazzleglasses are a truthfully a mixed bag. I only got Jingle Jangle which is a pinky peach with reflects blue and reflects red. It is similar to Steppin' Out in terms of color, but is also similar to Extra Amps and Rags to Riches in terms of the type of glitter it has. This one goes on and is so gorgeous! I'm thinking of getting a back up since I really liked it. She-Zam was a nice silvery gloss. I didn't pick it up because for one I didn't think of it as a really wearable color since it was just silver. Secondly, I think I could just DIY with some reflects pearl, reflects pink and platinum pigment for my own version. Phiff! was the last of the Dazzleglasses. It reminded me of Moth to Flame that I already have, just a bit peachier.

The Cremesheen Glass didn't attract me because I may as well mix clear gloss with a creamy lipstick or use a low frost/shimmer lipglass.

The Softsparkle Eye Pencils were very pretty. Iris Accents was a light lilac with silver glitter. Nightsky was black with silver glitter. I didn't get the urge to get this because I'm looking towards getting the Urban Decay 24/7 liner Super Stash. I figured for the price of the 2 liners plus a bit I could get a lot more colors.

The nail lacquers in $$$$$ Yes and Lucky Number had a really gorgeous chrome finish. Unfortunately, since I'm in gel nail recovery, my nail beds are uneven. A buffing wand is my BFF but it only goes so far. My fear with this polish is the streakiness that would arise.

Last but not least I picked up both mineralized blushes. Although not very unique colors, they are gorgeous! They are similar in texture and shimmer to permanent mineral blushes. They are well pigmented and give a beautiful glow. Superdupernatural is quite like Eversun and Sunbasque, but a bit more coral. Conjure Up is similar to Grand Duo, but less glittery and not as dark. They are truly winners out of the collection.

Below are swatches of all my goodies. As well as a few comparable lipsticks to Utter Fun. I wouldn't consider them dupes to Utter Fun, but relatively close to make most people happy. Cheers!

Above from left to right: Conjure Up Mineralize Blush, Superdupernatural Mineralize Blush, Utter Fun Lipstick and Jingle Jangle Dazzleglass

Above from left to right: Conjure Up Mineralize Blush and Superdupernatural Mineralize Blush

Above from left to right: Utter Fun Lipstick and Jingle Jangle Dazzleglass

Above from left to right: Girl About Town Lipstick, Sweet Thing Lipstick, Trimming Talk Lipstick, Utter Fun Lipstick, Jingle Jangle Dazzleglass, L'oreal Wild Plum 640, Big Bow Lipstick, Strayin' Lipstick


  1. I love that you do comparison swatches. Thank you so much.

  2. You're welcome :) While it's easy to say something is similar to something else, a picture & a swatch means so much more :)