Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MAC Glitter Eyeliners & Liquidlast

More swatches of what's in my beauty organizer. MAC Glitter Eyeliner's are limited edition, they typically only release these maybe once a year or so. Last run was for the Hello Kitty collection back in February 2009. They add a little bit of sparkle and dazzle to your look.

My faves are Girl Groove and Her Glitz. Girl Groove appears a bit more blue when over top of an eyeshadow. Wonderwhite is more sheer than Girl Groove, making it a bit more versatile. Her Glitz works with neutrals since it's a copper-gold shade.

For comparison in texture, I also swatched Inky Liquidlast, which is a fabulous dark green that's almost black. I use it with neutrals for a flash of color that isn't over the top.

Please note that pictures are clickable. Cheers & enjoy =)
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