Thursday, October 1, 2009

MAC Brave New Bronze & High Def Dupes & Swatches

So as I organize my lipstick stash, I realized I had a whole lot of nudes! 11 to be exact, some hardly ever used. ;) Oh well, what's another one. Can't hurt, yea?

I recently picked up High Def from the LE MAC High Def collection and thought, don't I have something like this? Well, yes and no. In my stash I have accumulated the following nudes: MAC Honeylove, MAC Cherish, MAC High Def (LE) , MAC Brave New Bronze (LE), MAC Blankety, MAC Style It Up (LE), MAC Jubilee, Lorac Geena (discontinued I believe), MAC Siss, MAC Marque and MAC Patisserie (LE). Some are darker, some are pinker, some are browner, and some are bronzer. You can judge them for your self.

Among the 11, I do tend to reach for Cherish and Honeylove more. Honeylove I wear with a bit of lipgloss since it is a matte finish and tends to be a bit dry. Cherish is a satin finish and is a bit creamier. I used to wear it to work all of the time.

Now, I do recall the hype over Brave New Bronze from Style Warriors. Honestly, I think it looks a lot like Cherish which is permanent. As for High Def, it is on the darker range of the nudes in my stash. So yea, I don't have a perfect dupe!

Once again, I'm NC40 on the inside of my arm. Pictures were taken on a slightly cloudy day, but close to the window with no flash on macro mode. Please note that pictures are clickable. Cheers & enjoy =)

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