Saturday, October 31, 2009

More MAC Magic, Mirth, and Mischief!

Earlier this week, I couldn't resist. The temptation was there as I went to go bug the furniture department at The Bay. The MAC Magic, Mirth, and Mischief! collection had been out for over a week. I had hauled and thought it would be over. I still had a lemming though. I'd heard everyone say this release of Mineralized Eye Shadows were the best thus far so I got Blue Sorcery and Midnight Madness.

I do like the solid non-glittery side, but the glittery side is a chunky mess. Pigmentation of both Blue Sorcery and Midnight Madness are great. I used Midnight Madness as a crease and above crease color with MAC Look at the Eyes eyeshadow (from In the Gallery Quad) as an all over lid color. To keep the frost level down, I used a bit of MAC Blanc Type eye shadow as a highlight. Sorry, no pictures of the look since I was rushing around the day I did it.

Blue Sorcery is a pretty teal shade and Midnight Madness is a dark taupe shade. Enjoy the swatches. :)
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Mail Time No. 4

This week's loot wasn't a whole lot. Mostly PCH bugging to subscribe for more magazines that I'm not interested in, bills that I need to pay and a bunch of flyers. Yawn...boring! Finally in yesterday's mail I got a few items I had picked up on Ebay. All MAC, all wonderful goodies at the end of the work week.

I got the following:
  • MAC Lightful Protective Moisturizer SPF30
  • MAC Jingle Jangle Dazzleglass (backup because it's gorgeous)
  • MAC Pitchblack Pro Longlash
  • MAC Fleur Power Satin Blush
  • MAC Mineralize All-Over Lotion
The Mineralize All-Over Lotion is set to release in the MAC Warm & Cozy Collection on December 26, 2009. From what I can tell it's a nice light smelling lotion. From the little I've tried of it, it is fast absorbing and works well on your body and face. I tried it last night in replacement of my usual face cream. It worked well to relieve dry spots on my cheeks and chin. I'm glad it will be a permanent item, however I'm happier to get it earlier for $15CAD compared to $38CAD.

I have yet to try the MAC Lightful Protective Moisturizer SPF30, but I'm sure I will be doing so soon. I'm about half way done my current daytime moisturizer, so this will definitely be of use soon. It is not a regular item from MAC Cosmetics in North America, but I think they should for us who love MAC Lightful Deep Ultramoisture Creme (yes, I love it, use it every night).

I also got MAC Pro Longlash Mascara in Pitchblack, MAC Jingle Jangle Dazzleglass and MAC Fleur Power Satin Blush. Fleur Power is pretty similar to Dainty Mineralize Blush, but without the shimmer. It's a beautifully pigmented peachy pink. This will be a great alternative to when I don't shimmer. Jingle Jangle is a backup to the one I got earlier this month. It's too pretty with peach, nude or pink lipstick.

Til next week's mail time, enjoy the pictures. ^-^
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Seche Vite at London Drugs

While perusing the aisles at London Drugs for epsom salts, I went down the beauty aisle and to my surprise I found Seche Vite Clear Base Coat, Seche Vite Ridge Filling Base Coat and Seche Vite Restore for $4.99 each CAD! I hauled. I had to. I've heard too many good things about Seche Vite, it would be too hard to pass it up. But truly, I was in need of more base coat, so that was a well deserved purchase. I also have many bottles of nail polish that are still beautiful, but are almost ready to toss. I'm hoping that Restore will save them.

I also got Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. Even though it wasn't $4.99 CAD, it was $9.95 CAD I'm still happy to give it a shot. So far over top of Absinthe Makes The Heart from Sephora by OPI, it adds a beautiful gleam. I'll see how it fares while working this week. I usually end up moving loads of boxes around and putting together furniture, so it can be a bit rough on my nails.

I couldn't resist Sally Hansen though. It's great stuff that's well priced. I got Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Rockstar Pink ($2.49 CAD). It's a gorgeous glittery nail polish that has a clear base with loads of fuchsia pink, blue and gold glitter. (Sorry, no nail swatches yet since I just did them in Worth My Weight!) Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Plus Clear and Liberated Lilac duo was on special for $2.49 CAD, so I had to get that too. Liberated Lilac is a frosty light lilac. It reminds me of NYX Lilac Pearl loose pigment. It's more of a spring or summer shade then fall/winter. It will get some love too once the season is right. :)

Pure by Carlo di Roma Cosmetics was also on sale. They had a buy 1 get 1 free event. I hadn't tried much of the line out yet, just a black lipgloss that was limited edition. I got Iridescent Purple #24 lip gloss and Red Whim #66. They are regularily $12.00 CAD each, however with the BOGO, it was only $6 CAD each.

In the tube they look gorgeous, swatched less so. Iridescent Purple ended up a lot sheerer than in the tube. On lips, it just gave a hint of colour with a few iridescent bits of glitter. Red Whim was not disappointing. It reminds me of a MAC Dazzleglass Creme in Amorous. Red Whim is more orange than Amorous. It can be applied sheerly with the doe-foot applicator, but it builds up to a gorgeous dark orangey-red. I'd use this over top of a lipstick, perhaps over Rimmel Icon 328 lipstick or MAC Dubonnett lipstick.

I promise more swatch pictures will come as well as a full comparison review of the lipglosses. Enjoy the pictures! :)

Urban Decay Hall Of Fame Review

The Urban Decay Hall of Fame Set is another must get for this holiday season, especially if you love the Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion. This set includes an XL size version of Primer Potion, Midnight Cowboy Lipstick, Timothy Pocket Rocket Lipgloss, Skyscraper Multi-Benefit mascara and Zero 24/7 eye liner. With the exception of the Primer Potion, all other items are mini trial size versions of the originals. The set retails for $35.00 CAD ($29 USD) .

I have to admit the main reason I got this set was for the XL Primer Potion. It has 16.3 mL 0.55 oz. The regular size version is 10 mL 0.34 oz and retails for $22.00 CAD ($17.00USD). I am nowhere near finishing my regular size version but I couldn't pass this deal up. There are a few things that I don't like about Primer Potion. For one, it can be drying to my eyelids. I often find myself putting extra eye cream on my lids at night, where I've previously had relatively oily lids. Secondly, they can be a bit messy when they get on your lashes. Lastly, the applicator is on the large size, thus allowing for the Primer Potion to get on my lashes. With that being said, it still does the job. It prevents creasing and increases staying power. I love it and I know I'll be using this lots. ;)

Midnight Cowboy lipstick is included in a mini trial size. It is a nude pinky champagne with silver pearl. I find that the silver pearl to be too glittery for my taste. It applies sheerly, similar to most MAC Lustre formula lipsticks. It doesn't build up to full coverage, but can built up to medium coverage. I think this would actually be better over top of another lipstick rather than solely on its own.

The Zero 24/7 eye liner is great. It's blacker than NYX black eye liner, but not as dark as MAC Feline. It's a nice size that's great for throwing into your makeup bag.

Timothy Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss is a pretty cherry red with red pearl. This has a light almond scent. I like this one a lot and I may get the regular version once I'm out. This applies sheer, but builds up easily. It doesn't get to tube color, but it is still well pigmented for a lip gloss.

Skyscraper Multi-Benefit mascara is a true black mascara, not the darkest but at least not greyish. The brush head is long, however the bristles on it are short. I tried this for a few days and I found that this mascara does hold curl really well. The bad thing is that it does tend to smudge after a few hours. However, it did lengthen my lashes by a bit, it did give a bit of volume and it didn't get overly clumpy. It's not dramatic, but it's pretty decent. My favorite part is that it held the curl I got from my eyelash curler really well. I often find with most mascara's that I have to recurl with a heated eyelash curler and I have to comb them out. I didn't have to do both so it's a time saver for me =) Pictures are done after over 12 hours of wear. Still holding curl, but a bit of flaking. I like this and I may re-buy sometime down the road.

The Urban Decay Hall of Fame Set is a great package of fabulous products from Urban Decay. Especially if you love Urban Decay Primer Potion! ;) Enjoy the swatches. =)

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Yummy Treats from Sephora

At the end of a long and stressful day yesterday, I ventured off into Sephora to go hunt down a few goodies I'd been craving. After seeing Temptalia's review of Philosophy's Peppermint Hot Cocoa shampoo, shower gell and bubble bath, I had to check it out. The scent of it is amazing, truly like a peppermint hot cocoa. With the holidays coming down the road, this was going to get me more into holiday mode.

I've been such a nailpolish fiend lately. As soon as I saw Sephora by OPI Worth My Weight nail color, I had to grab it. It has beautiful gold and holographic glitter ranging from fine to chunky size. I find the coverage to be slightly sheer with one coat, but with 3 coats, is opaque. I love it! I think I may do a pedicure later to match my gold shoes. (Here's a pic of those too) :)

Lastly, I got Sephora by OPI Absinthe Makes The Heart. It's a greenish black with fine green glitter. In the tube, it looks like it belongs to the MAC Style Black collection, but less black. This goes on sheer, but builds up really well. It is not as dark as Seriously Hip or Baby Goth Girl, it actually looks more green. It reminds me of MAC Deep Blue Green Pigment, one of my favorite things in my stash.

I'm finding I'm loving Sephora by OPI Nail Color. There's such a huge variety and they apply smoothly, even with the glittery nail polishes.

Enjoy the pictures!

Happy Halloween! & a Chocoholic moment

Happy Halloween! This week has been busier than usual, so I've been left with little time to do any blogging. Today is catch up day, cleaning house and relaxing. Since I'm done cleaning, as part of my relaxation treat, I decided on a chocoholic bubble bath, face mask and body butter regime. I used Phliosophy Peppermint Hot cocoa shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath, Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask and Jaqua Marshmallow Cocoa Sinfully Rich Body Butter. All together, my bathroom became a glorious chocoholic haven for me to relax in. Jaqua Marshmallow Cocoa Body Butter is so luxuriously creamy, yet fast absorbing. Plus the scent lasts long after application. I urge everyone to try it at least once. ;) Best part is I had a wonderful chocolate filled treat with no calories consumed. :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

MAC Holiday Mineralize Kits: Pinkazoppin! & Fun In The Sun Swatches

I'm so addicted to MAC Mineralize products. I've become a huge fan of the MAC Mineralize Skin Finishes and Mineralize Blushes. I know they can be glittery or just work soley as a highlighter, but the marbled gorgeousness that they are in the pan is what draws me in. I have only been collecting them in the last year, but so far I've accumulated 16 mineralize blushes and 14 mineralize skin finishes. Each category gets bumped up by 2 with the purchase of the MAC Holiday 2009 Mineralize Kits in Pinkazoppin! and Fun In The Sun.

MAC released these as exclusive sets to the free-standing stores and online. I picked up mine at a free-standing store for $71.50 CAD each.

Pinkazoppin! Mineralize Kit includes :
  • Love Connection Mineralized Eyeshadow Duo
  • Dainty Mineralized Blush
  • Light Flush Mineralized Skin Finish
  • 181 SE mini kabuki brush

Fun in The Sun Mineralize Kit:
  • Shimpagne Mineralized Skin Finish
  • Nuance Mineralized Blush
  • Play on Plums Mineralized Eyeshadow Duo
  • 181 SE mini kabuki brush

Pinkazoppin! is heavy on the pinks. Light Flush is a pale pink that reminds me of Porcelain Pink and Glissade MSF. I wouldn't consider it a glitter bomb but it does have a frostiness to it. Dainty Mineralize Blush is a pretty soft yellow pink shade with gold shimmer. I love this color and had picked it up earlier this year during the MAC Sumo Sale. Love Connection Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo includes a pinky gold shade and a pink shade. Both are frosty and have lots of glitter. Having said that, I may use these as highlighters instead of eye shadows.

Fun In The Sun is full of champagnes and golds. I wouldn't say it's a bronzer kit because Shimpagne Mineralize Skin Finish isn't a bronzer but more of a highlighter. It's very similar to Soft & Gentle MSF that is part of the permanent line. Nuance Mineralize Blush is included in Fun In The Sun isn't a bronzer either. But it is a pretty shade of peach that goes on smoothly and with a slight shimmer. Play on Plums Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo includes a peachy pink shade that is similar to Nuance and a darker plummy purple shade. Both shades are frosty, but not glittery.

Both kits include the MAC 181SE brush. It's a mini kabuki brush that I find handy to apply powder, foundation and blush. I prefer these to the 182 kabuki brush because it allows for a more focused application of product. In other words, if I were to apply blush, it allows for greater control of where it goes. I find with the 182 that it is sometimes too big to use around the nose and close to the eyes. The 181SE is smaller and readily gets into smaller areas.

In terms of value, the MSF's are $32.50CAD each, Mineralize Eye Shadow Duos are $23.50 each and Mineralize Blushes are $25.00 CAD each. Making a grand total of $81.00 CAD, not including the brush. That's a savings of $9.50 ^o^

The MAC Holiday Mineralize Kits are great sets if you love mineralize products. All pictures are done with natural lighting, macro mode and auto-white balance. Swatches are done on NC40 skin tone. Pictures are clickable for a larger image. Enjoy!
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Comparison: MAC Playboy Bunny Pink, Lovelorn & Angel Lipstick Swatches

In my quest to find a dupe for MAC Playboy Bunny Pink, I present another post with some possibilities. My previous post is here. Bunny Pink is a lustre formula and is a clean mid-tone pink. I find it a tiny bit cool with a bit of blue to it. I find that since it is a lustre, I really have to layer it to get near the tube color.

For comparison, I've been searching high and low. Bunny Pink is discontinued and 6 years old. (I know, I really shouldn't be using it. The packaging is just so cute!)

I've heard mentions of it being close to Angel and Lovelorn in the permanent MAC Collection. Angel is soft pink in a frost finish. Lovelorn is mid-tone blue pink and a lustre finish. I also got tubes of Pink Plaid, Creme de la Femme and Snob. These 3 run more mauve, so I didn't swatch them next to Bunny Pink.

Angel compared to Bunny Pink has little to no blue in it. It doesn't really lean yellow either. Angel isn't darker or lighter than Bunny Pink. Lovelorn is noticeably darker and bluer than Bunny Pink.

For comparison purposes, I did lip swatches of all 3 lipsticks. All pictures were taken with auto-white balance, macro mode and natural lighting. Lip swatches were done with a light coat of foundation over lips. I used MAC Select SPF 15 foundation in NC40. I've also included a picture of my lips bare so you can see the difference.

Of the 3 lipsticks, I gotta say I prefer Angel. Angel isn't as blue as Lovelorn or Bunny Pink. It makes it slightly more wearable and more versatile on my warm skin tone. Others may prefer Lovelorn because it has more blue.

As I've previously mentioned, I usually top Bunny Pink with a little bit of lip gloss to take away some of the coolness. Since Angel and Lovelorn are permanent, I think we can all be Playboy Bunny's for a day without going crazy on Ebay. =)

Urban Decay 24/7 Liners Super Stash Review & Swatches

Since I got the Urban Decay Book of Shadows II, I had to pick up the Super Stash. It includes 9 mini size liners, including the popular Zero. Each measures approximately 2.25 inches long. This retails for $43 CAD ($36 USD).
I love colored liners, they can really add a bit of spice to a simple look. I don't tend to use colored liners every day, so the shorter size is perfect for me.

What's included:
  • Zero is black.
  • Oil Slick is black with silver glitter. It is similar to MAC Black Russian Pearlglide Liner.
  • Corrupt is dark brown. It's darker than Bourbon.
  • Eldorado is gold
  • Graffiti is emerald green.
  • Binge is dark blue, similar to MAC Fly by Blu Pearlglide Liner.
  • Ransom is medium purple, similar to MAC Parfait Amour.
  • Rockstar is dark purple.
  • Stash is dark antique golden green.
I can see myself using these on the lower lash line, but not in the water line due to the glitter in some. I would use these on the upper lash line too, perhaps layered with a glittery eye liner to up the glitter factor. Each liner applies smoothly and evenly. They don't skip or feel dry. The mix of liners in this set is great if you want something beyond black, but don't want to get the full size. Everything is a go for me on these!

For your viewing pleasure, I've swatched each liner. Pictures are taken on macro mode, natural lighting, on auto-white balance and on NC40 skintone. Pictures are clickable for a larger image. Enjoy! :)

Urban Decay Book of Shadows II Review & Swatches

Oh Sephora, how you are making my wallet cry in pain. Last week the makeup junkie in me was elated that they had in stock the Urban Decay Book of Shadows II. I had seen many reviews of this gorgeous palette, which had been on my want list since it showed up on the Sephora website. This includes 16 eye shadows, Zero 24/7 liner, Bourbon 24/7 liner and Eyeshadow Primer Potion. With that being said, all products are smaller than regular size. I don't mind this because at $58 CAD (48 USD), this breaks down to $3.05 CAD per item, not including tax.

The Primer Potion will be handy for travel at 3.7 mL (0.13US Fl Oz), it's not too small where it will get lost in a makeup bag. I love it and use it every day. My eyelids are prone to getting oil, creasing has been an issue for me. This did the trick and I'm a proud owner of 3 tubes, including the one I got in this package.

This set includes Bourbon and Zero 24/7 Liners. Bourbon is dark brown with glitter. Zero is black. I love dark brown liners, but Bourbon doesn't quite seem like one I'd use much because I prefer really dark browns. Something where it's almost black, but it's really a dark brown. Zero is something I know I'll use. It isn't as black as MAC Feline, but it is close enough.

The 16 eye shadows cover a wide range of shades and in frosty, glittery and matte finishes. Compared to my eye shadow collection, I can't see too many dupes out there to what's in this palette. The only exceptions to that are Perversion, Sellout, Mushroom, Half-Baked, YDK, Jinx and Misdemeanor. Perversion reminds me of MAC Carbon. Sellout reminds me of Stila Kitten. Mushroom is similar to MAC Smoke & Diamonds and everything similar to that. Half-Baked is similar to MAC Amber Lights but less copper, as well it is similar to Smashbox 24K. YDK looks like a lighter version of MAC Satin Taupe. Jinx looks like a lighter version of MAC Deep Truth. Misdemeanor is like a lighter version of MAC Deep Blue Green pigment.

The Urban Decay Book of Shadows II has a wide range of colors that I can easily come up with several eye combo's. There's enough bright eye shadows in this palette for a fun night out, but it also has loads of neutrals to wear everyday. The eye shadows are generally richly pigmented and apply slightly creamy. The exception to that would be any shadow that has chunky glitter. In this palette, it would have to be Sphyx and Midnight Cowboy Rides Again. I love glitter, but I don't like it when it falls on to my cheeks.

The packaging of this isn't something I'm really loving. For one I don't like how big this palette is. It measures 7.25 inches by 5.5 inches. It's not a size I could easily drop in my purse or travel with. A petite compact like the Face Case would've been handier. (Urban Decay made Face Cases a few years ago. I still have one. They were these thin compacts with 4 eye shadows, 2 lip gunks, 2 lip sticks and a blush. They measure 2.5 inches by 4 inches. ) However, I do like the large mirror on the inside.

Sigh, I'm amazed with all the lovely palettes I've come across with lately. Yes, it's a lot, but what's a shopaholic to do? I think I'll just play with my makeup and see what looks I can come up with next. For your viewing pleasure, I've swatched all of the eye shadows. All swatches were taken with macro mode, natural lighting, and on either cloudy or auto-white balance setting. I'm an NC40 for reference. Pictures are clickable for a larger image. Enjoy!

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