Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mail Time!

I love it when the mailman comes. Something interesting always seems to come at least a few times a week. Some days it will be a few boxes or envelopes, other times nothing at all. Today I received 3 parcels each containing wonderful little wonders that I bought on Ebay and a good size sample from Fusion Beauty.

In my love of shopping, Ebay had to come along. I like that you can find just about anything. For some reason or another, I skipped out on Bubbles lipstick from MAC's Sugarsweet collection and the Hot Contrast Mineralized Eyeshadow. I was able to find a seller having both and didn't charge too hefty of a shipping fee. I'm really liking the marble side of Hot Contrast, I may work it together with Young Punk from Style Black. Perhaps the marble side as a lid color and Young Punk as a crease color. I know there isn't a lot of love for mineralized eyeshadows from MAC, but I do. Great bases and packing it with a 239 usually does the trick for me.

From another Ebay seller, I picked up MAC Saturnal eyeshadow from the Moonbathe collection. Now that I have it, I kind of wish I didn't buy it. It's kind of a lighter version of Knight Manouevers from Style Warriors. I already have that and hardly use it... Oh well, I can only say that the seller did have bad pictures and now I have another container to depot.

My last package contained a Fusion Beauty Lip Fusion XL sample. I'm surprised at the size. It has 1.5 grams, where a MAC Dazzleglass contains 1.92 grams. Making it even better is that it was a freebie =) =) If you signed up for the Fusion Beauty Facebook page, there was a link for free samples. I don't believe they're doing this anymore, however their page is still worth a look for deals and such.

Please note that pictures are clickable. Cheers & enjoy =)

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