Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MAC Dazzleglass Cremes Haul

Oh, for the love of sparkly glittery things, I had to get some Dazzleglass Cremes from MAC. These are limited edition releases available in 9 shades. I picked up seven, but I may go back for a backup of Sublime Shine and try out Soft Dazzle. I really like that these have a lot of pigmentation compared to regular Dazzleglass. With regular Dazzleglass, I had to apply another lipgloss or lipstick beneath to complete my lips. But being a girl on the go, sometimes I just need a well pigmented sparkly lipgloss. Dazzleglass fills that void of something more dazzling then your typical lipgloss.

I picked up Amorous, Totally Fab, Creme Allure, Do It Up, Luscious Spark, Sublime Shine and Perfectly Unordinary. They do remind me of the one and only Monogram Lipglass I picked up last year in Identity. I've worn Identity on its own quite regularily. It is very similar to Perfectly Unordinary, but a bit more yellow.

From left to right: Amorous, Totally Fab, Creme Allure, Do It Up, Luscious Spark, Sublime Shine, Perfectly Unordinary and Identity Monogram Lipglass.

My favorites of the bunch are Sublime Shine, Amorous, Luscious Spark and Creme Allure. I can't wait to lay a big kiss on my dearest BF tomorrow wearing Girl About town and Creme Allure. I know he's going to go nuts when he sees how beautifully pigmented his lips are afterward. Enjoy the pictures. They are clickable for higher resolution image.

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